Jessabelle Marie

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Jessabelle Marie
Jessabelle Marie MB Puppet.png
AffiliationMarie Family
Campaigns Murder Bros

Jessabelle Marie is a Gnome that was played by Rob in Murder Bros. She was being escorted by her Sunsword guards before being attacked by the Murder Bros. She was last seen being left unconscious in the town of Silverflats, which was overtaken by the Murder Bros.



Jessabelle Marie is a young female Gnome with very large breasts, long hair tied in a ponytail and two beauty marks on both sides of her face. She wears a very elegant and expensive strapless dress that exposes her assest quiet well, which she also uses to hold items such as a Tambok Ticket between. She also wears a small choker necklace with a round pendant on it.


Jessabelle is a very cunning young girl, often able to argue her way out of a situation and is able to slip away from her captors three times by tricking them or taking advantage of their inner group struggles. She is also known to be quite powerful in manipulating the will of the men around her, even cursing Conner to be Lovestruck with her permanently.

Powers & Abilities[edit]






Not much is known about Jessabelle, other than she is a member of the wealthy Marie family and was being escorted by Sunswords to the town of Silverflats. It can be speculated that she was invited by Sheriff Hardrock to assist them with the Murder Bros.

Murder Bros[edit]

Jessabelle was ambushed when her carriage was attacked by the rather drunken Murder Bros, having her guards be overpowered by the bandits. There she was found by Empusa, who tasked her man Conner to investigate her worth. Jessabelle placed the Love Struck curse on Conner, causing him to fall in love with her. This effect slightly backfired as he was overwhelmed with his feelings, off putting the young Gnome. She was still unable to convince Conner to let her go, but was able to put off her death in exchange for a handsome ransome from her family. After several failed escape attempts she was tied up and brought to Silverflats where the discussion of her life continued.

While Empusa and Borracho was ready to kill her, and Johnny Feo and Weiss were impartial, Conner was the only one left to argue against killing Jessabelle. She decided to convince Borracho to ask if she would join the Murder Bros, due to her mental alteration capabilities, which in its own way was a trick to have Borracho give the rope to Bubs. This allowed her to trick the simple minded Porc into untying her and letting her run to the train station and join forces with Sheriff Hardrock. During the battle for Silverflats, Jessabelle stayed back with the Sheriff at the train station, being shot during Johnny Feyo's High Noon, they retreated into the station, where she was knocked unconscious.


Jessabelle was rendered unconscious by Borracho's Bottled Wormhole along with Chicken Head. When she woke up she left the town as Sallazar Thornblade said she said she had business to attend to.


  • Jessabelle has some relation with Morgana Marie and possibly Bertha Marie, but it is unknown exactly how they are related or if she knows of Morgana's death.