Jo Krysstal

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Jo Krysstal

Jo Krysstal Old RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Booty Raider
Gender Male
Affiliations Crew Member of the Bocoe
Relatives Cousin: Kinney Boots
Alias Ol' Jo
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Jo Krysstal is a Triton Ground Kobold Booty Raider who is a crew member on the Bocoe during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign, portrayed by Justin. He is in charge of the port side cannons on the Bocoe.



Jo Krysstal is a male Kobold with a neutral frame, brown rock fur, and green eyes. Jo wears very little, only wearing a pair of black pants that end just after his knees and held up by a red rope, a red bandana with a pink comb, beige bandages wrapped around his forearms and ankles, and a backpack to hold his Dragonskin Bow and various treasures.


He is extremely driven by treasure and is very greedy. He also shows no affection for Pot Puppies.


Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Booty Raider Abilities







In his early pirating days he had his bandana, which makes it very sentimentally valuable to him. It is unknown at what point Krysstal joined the crew of the Bocoe, but he chose to follow Captain Merci for the sole reason of seeking out treasure.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles



  • His name is a reference to a famous craigslist post about a "JO Crystal" or "Jack Off" Crystal. The man in the post apparently wore the crystal every time he masturbated and claimed that the crystal glowed while performing the act. He also claimed that wearing the crystal gave him confidence in "work, home, and social situations".