Jo Krysstal

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Jo Krysstal

Jo Krysstal Old RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Booty Raider
Gender Male
Affiliations Crew Member of the Bocoe
Alias Ol' Jo
Status Presumed Deceased
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Jo Krysstal was a Triton Ground Kobold Booty Raider who was a crew member on the Bocoe during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign, portrayed by Justin. He was in charge of the port side cannons on the Bocoe.



Jo Krysstal was a male Kobold with a neutral frame, brown rock fur, and green eyes. Jo wore very little, only wearing a pair of black pants that end just after his knees and held up by a red rope, a red bandana with a pink comb, beige bandages wrapped around his forearms and ankles, and a backpack to hold his Dragonskin Bow and various treasures.


He was extremely driven by treasure and was very greedy. He also shows no affection for Pot Puppies. Along with having the most luck of finding random treasure in any places.


Kinney Boots

Captain Merci





Powers & Abilities


Booty Raider Abilities





Former Treasures



In his early pirating days he had his bandana, which makes it very sentimentally valuable to him. It is unknown at what point Krysstal joined the crew of the Bocoe, but he chose to follow Captain Merci for the sole reason of seeking out treasure. He also referenced his cousin, Kinney Boots, to be another crew member for the journey to the Dingo Isles.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Started off as Jo idea to join the Bocoe full of porcs due to not caring what crew of pirates to join as long he was getting treasure. In the first job(so far we know) at Dingo Isle. During that Octivias made Jo try fish soup that did not like it and was force to milk him. When an herd of harpy attack the ship Jo stole a Wiggly Wrench from a harpy, stole owlbear fur along with Crystal Catalyst,fish out a Wellforn Ruby attempting to save Octivias and lost his beloved spare hat he had as a kid by the harpies. Afterward when it was dark and foggy Carl the Behemoth appear at the Bocoe. Jo counterattack the creature's arrival by loading/firing the cannons using his grapple-gun while finding a Shadowshade that a dead harpy dropped, Captain Merci order to Wiggly Wrenched his Dulled Vopral Slayer to heal McCoy and damage the last of the Behemoth's tentacle. Finally reaching the Dingo Isles filled with skeletons, statue and ancient temple ruins once they enter the dingo temple the crew got trapped inside by Enchanted statues blocking the entrance so they must go deeper into the temple. Through out the exploration in the temple Jo hear their were treasure chest but was denied by Octivias blocking the way and wasn't in the mood to handle Octivias singing that "song" to go through. Suddenly they reach a dead end with a huge room having a grill floor with heavy steel door when the crew get all the way the room a Grill pit trap was sprung fire erupted. During that a basket of pot puppies surrounded by skeleton drop down so McCoy,Kinney and Merci try to rescue the puppies. Since Jo didn't care about the puppies because they are not treasures he mainly focus on the destroying the door with Octivias using all the his treasure and golden shots to get out the Grill pit trap especially discovering Kinney's Winechestors Finest was never lost at sea but instead was in Kinney's coat using grapple-gun then use it for golden shot until the door break escaping to the next room with pot puppies.In the next room was a giant skeleton guarding the jewel but McCoy was able to get the jewel since McCoy was pure of heart holding two puppy except the giant skeleton open and close a golden door where some gold spill out then Jo treasure lust kicked in however was cool down once the Bocoe crew show him the jewel. After it was all over enter back into the ship and celebrate the victory.

The New Crew

Jo continues the campaign with the Bocoe, eventually making his way to the island of Laeyuleaugh. He assists in the combat on the beach and is left to scavenge the ransacked village with Patches. Patches however, clearly infuriated by the group singing the classic pirate tune "Fuck the Kobolds" strangles Jo to death, stabbing him several times before revealing his eye and singing one more round of "Fuck the Kobolds" as Jo's life slips away. He is presumed dead.


Jo survived the initial Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign, but was strangled by Patches the Kobold to what we presume death in The New Crew. Patches was infuriated by the crew of the Bocoe singing "Fuck the Kobolds", which he saw as a slight at his lack of an eye.


  • His name is a reference to an infamous craigslist post about a "JO Crystal" or "Jack Off" Crystal. The man in the post apparently wore the crystal every time he masturbated and claimed that the crystal glowed while performing the act. He also claimed that wearing the crystal gave him confidence in "work, home, and social situations".