Johnny Feo

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Johnny Feo

Johnny Feo MB Puppet.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Spellslinger
Gender Male
  • Unnamed Kobold Parents
  • Unnammed Adoptive Hobgoblin Parents
  • Adoptive Brother: Tubs
Alias Big Johnny
Status Alive
Portrayed By Nisovin (Person)
First Appearance Murder Bros

Johnny Feo, also known as "Big Johnny", is a Deformed Hobgoblin Kobold Spellslinger played by Nisovin in the Murder Bros campaign. He is a notable member of the Murder Bros and has killed many.



Johnny Feo is a male Kobold that is said to be very large, having Giants Blood within him and being raised by Hobgoblins. His hair is styled in a mohawk and he is shown to wear a sleeveless shirt and pants. His clothes are often stripped when he drinks E.X.X.X.P. Ale and he is shown to have an erection during the entire time he is under the influence of the drugged ale. His most notable attribute is that one of his ears grew upside down.


Big Johnny is a rather quiet Kobold who believes he is very handsome despite his deformation. He is often seen to be attracted to the various women in Silverflats, but has had no success due to being in the middle of a heist. Johnny is shown to be a loyal member of the Murder Bros, killing as much as possible with his guns as fast as possible. He is also very susceptible to E.X.X.X.P., immediately becoming drunk enough to lose his clothing for the period of his high. However, upon coming down, he is show to be slightly shaken and not confident in his abilities as a gunslinger.

Johnny also has the quirk of checking to see if his guns are jammed by pulling the trigger with the barrel against his head.


Powers & Abilities


Spellslinger Abilities

Spellthief Abilities








Johnny Feo was abandoned by his parents due to his deformities and was raised by Hobgoblins, whom he referrers to as his Hobmom. He grew up rather alone, being shunned by both Hobgoblin children and Kobold children, which led him and his adoptive brother Tubs to join the Murder Bros to feel accepted. He was accepted quickly due to his prowess with a six shooter, but did not entirely enjoy his job. Johnny works to becoming a gourmet chef eventually, along with Tubs who wants to be the sous chef.

Murder Bros

Johnny Feo joins his compatriots in discussing a plan with Orvan Weiss in a tavern of the town of Silverflats. Weiss and Empusa discuss a shipment of Silver Scales arriving by train and Empusa tasks the gang to gain information about the train schedule. However after heavily drinking E.X.X.X.P. Ale, the group barely arrives at the information and stumbles out of the bar with a naked Jonny.

They make their way to intersect the pathway of an arriving carriage which is said to have the schedule, but is gaurded by the Sunswords. Weiss is then disguised to distract the Sunswords long enough for the rest of the members to jump them from behind. However, as they inact their plan, they suffer from the hallucinogenic properties of E.X.X.X.P. Ale, and believe they are fighting a large tentacle monster that formed from the carriage. Having believed to have "defeated" the Carriage, they snap out of their hallucination and investigate the carriage with Empusa. They find a young Gnome girl who happens to be from the wealthy family of the Maries, Jessibelle Marie. Upon arguing with Conner about whether or not to kill the young gnome girl, they decide to drag her back to the town, where they find that the town is very aware that they are the infamous Murder Bros.

Now believing himself down off the E.X.X.X.P, Johnny regains his clothing and joins Empusa and Weiss in attacking the townsfolk in the bar while Borracho, Bubs and Tubs distract the bulk of the civilians outside. After murdering them, the three rejoin Borracho and his Cartel forces outside and begin a showdown between their large enforcers and the Sheriff's remaining forces. Johnny then decides to unload his guns into the Sheriff's men, killing most of them before the fight begins, forcing them to flee inside of the Train station. The Murder Bros then surround the station and eventually gun down the remaining survivors.

The gang then ride off on their Groundbolds attempting to catch the train with the shipment of Silver Scales, however they suffer from one last hallucination from the E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They now believe that the Train is a living entity attempting to kill them. They unload as much magic and physically power they can to "defeat the Train," which results in the hallucination wearing off and the real train to derail from the damage. The gang then take out the remaining members of the Sunswords while freeing Chimera the Kobold. The bandits have taken the train.


With the train destroyed and derailed, the cargo in their possession, and Chimera back in their forces, Johnny and the rest of the Murder Bros plan their next heist: potentially robbing the Realm of Holding.


  • His last name, Feo means ugly in Spanish because he was deformed
  • He is the first character to be played by a guest in a non side quest campaign.