Kinney Boots

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Kinney Boots

Kinney Boots RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Swashbuckler
Gender Female
Affiliations Crewmember of the Bocoe
Alias Skinny
Status Alive
Portrayed By Deadbones
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
"Buckle Buddies!"
— Kinney Boots

Kinney Boots is a Seaswagger Kobold Swashbuckler, played by Deadbones. She is part of Captain Merci's crew on the Bocoe during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign, in charge of the starboard side cannons of the Bocoe.



Kinney Boots is a female Kobold with grey rock-like fur, a voluptuous figure and red eyes. She wears a light purple corset that reveals her midriff, black shorts, black wrapping around her calves up to her toes, and a long dark purple coat that was slightly damaged along the bottom of the coat. She accessorized with a small golden Paladin Ankh earring in her right ear and a large brown belt with two large pouches and a large golden belt buckle.


She likes to kill people, giving her a vibe of bloodlust. She won't hesitate when the option to kill comes up. Despite this grim characteristic, Kinney is generally charming, always with a smile on her face and appears to be permanently ecstatic, especially when she kills. She has a sense of humour and often speaks ironically, allowing herself to make snide remarks about the extensive length of Captain Merci's sleep. While very cautious about her life (Knowing that she can't swim, she buckles herself to Merci, who is an excellent swimmer), she forgets all reason and care when blinded by rage and bloodlust, causing her to forget everything and focus on destroying her enemies. In this state, she appears more than willing to hurt herself to deal extra damage to the opponent. Speaks in some URealms version of French.


Captain Merci

Kinney shows a lot of affection towards her Captain during the voyage to recover the Jewel of the Dingo Isles and spends a large portion of combat during the campaign buckled to Merci (happily remarking: 'Buckle Buddies!'). She also appears very touched when Merci calls her 'Skinny Boots'. She remarks that she is indeed very slim and thanks the Captain for noticing. She is, however, often disgusted by Merci's Porc habits, such as vomiting food and lactating at will. Merci seems to value Kinney's advice and takes it often, perhaps trusting it more than that of his first mate. Among Kinney's suggestions are to put cannonballs into the cannons, before firing them with fish yogurt, as well as suggesting they 'just go and [they] kill [the harpies]'.

Ol' Jo Krysstal

Kinney has a bond with her cousin and generally sticks around him outside of combat, especially as the two are both assigned to managing the cannons. However, Kinney seems more than happy to delegate less enjoyable tasks, such as helping Octivias lactate or testing the fish soup, to Jo without consulting him. She also blames Jo for bringing her onto a Porc ship, when Jakelad the Bard sings his first variation of 'Fuck the Kobolds'.


Kinney has little respect for the first mate, calling him 'Monsieur Piggy' under her breath on a few occasions. She appears disgusted by his Porc habits, such as vomiting fish yogurt eaten earlier.


Kinney has little to no attachment to the ship's cook and has only contempt for his food. When Octivias was drowning overboard the ship, Kinney complained loudly against Merci diving in to save him (thus putting her at risk of being pulled into the sea, buckled to her Captain). Later on, when given the chance of saving Octivias, who is about to fly overboard, Kinney chooses instead to spit at the corpse of Jakelad to sate her bloodlust.


Kinney soon develops a fierce hatred for the ship's bard, very much due to his new song 'Fuck the Kobolds'. She swears to Jo Krysstal, that Jakelad will be the first to die. As such, she appears euphoric when Jakelad turns mutinous, thus giving her a chance to take revenge. She sings her own variation of 'Fuck the Kobolds' as she lands the first attack on the Bard: 'Fuck the Porc Bard; Slap him in the face.' Her hatred and bloodlust are so strong, that she chases Jakelad onto the deck, despite the danger the Behemoth poses, and makes sure he dies, singing: 'Killing the Porc Bard; killing the Porc Bard' as she smashes his skull.

Notable Attributes

Kinnie is very skilled in combat. Despite being a sea-faring pirate, Kinney has no swimming ability whatsoever.

Powers & Abilities


Swashbuckler Abilities







Kinney Boots, at an undetermined point in time, either obtained the magical mace Lieutenant Surge from the Elven leader of a band of porcs, Ca-Rell, or lost it in the water, allowing Ca-Rell to find it later on.

Kinney Boots had joined the crew of the Bocoe with her cousin, Jo Krysstal, for the job Nisovin gave them. She is known to slack off and sleep around a lot, possibly because she always carries a bottle of liquor on her.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Kinney proves her worth when the Bocoe is attacked by a flock of Harpies, and she uses Lieutenant Surge against them. She also finds a new bottle of liquor, Winechestors Finest, that has no negative side effects. This increases her dependence on alcohol, probably to try to get over the traumatic event of almost drowning. Kinney's bloodlust then begins to show, and she does not hesitate in killing Jakelad when he reveals himself as a member of the Bone Cult when the Behemoth arises. She hunts him down and crushes his skull with her mace, satisfying her harbored hatred for him. While relishing the kill, she lets Octivias go flying off the edge to drown to death, but drops her bottle of Winchestors Finest overboard when spitting on Jakelad's corpse. This creates some tension between her and the others, but eventually Kinney reveals her soft side when Pot Puppies are in danger of being engulfed in flames. She strangely decides to take only the better two of the three dogs, leaving the last one with a limp behind with no regrets. Later on Jo Krysstal, while grappling onto Kinney, rips off her freeboot coat and finds that Kinney never actually lost her bottle of Winchestors Finest, but had it in her coat all along. She had actually lost a different bottle of wine.

After escaping the grill of death, and becoming lifelong friends with her "Buckle Puppy", Kinney leaves after McCoy retrieves the gem with the crew and sets off to return it to Nisovin.


After the events of the campaign, the Bocoe decides to hire new crew mates. However, Captain Merci hired the Goblins, Marco and Polo, and the Elves, Young Ladyir and Rick Snot. As she despises Goblins and Elves, she left the group. It is unknown where she is now.


  • Kinney Boots had never learned to swim and has an extreme fear of the water. She shares this characteristic with her crewmate, Octivias.
  • Deadbones played Kinney with an accent that was a fusion of French and German.
  • Kinney harbors a burning hatred for Jakelad due to his choice of songs that insult kobolds.
  • She has a soft spot for Pot Puppies.
  • She's an extreme sadist.
  • In keeping with Deadbones' naming convention of Marvel Characters, Kinney Boots is a reference to Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23. The surname 'Boots' comes from Risky Boots from the Shantae series of games.
    • Kinney shares her bloodlust with X-23, and her Pirating ways with Risky Boots. [1]
  • Kinney Boots hates Goblins and Elves, and finds both races repulsive.