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Kobold is a playable Race of Unforgotten Realms Live.


Chimera PH Puppet.png
Race Kobold
Hostile Neutral
Affiliations Pirates
Abilities Bite and three class abilities
Equipment Wooden Club
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Affection Philhipé
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign


Kobolds are a small mammal race with sharp claws that are often found residing in caves and rocky habitats. Most Kobolds dislike getting wet, likely due to their preference of a dry, dark habitat. They have an outer layer of rock and mud that gives them the appearance of fur. This appearance allows them to blend into surrounding mountains and rocky terrain.

Kobolds have natural night vision, but this is not inherent to all members of the species. Members such as Philhipé, Kinney Boots, and Jo Krysstal do not have this ability. Philhipé had to overcome this by using an eye patch to keep an eye dilated.

Kobold Culture

Kobolds are often regarded as stupid beasts by other races, notably by Elves and Porcs. This causes them to seek employment as bandits, thieves, or even pirates.

The Kobolds are a very religious race, with many Kobolds becoming Paladins in a manner to uphold their faith. It is currently unknown what the Kobolds or Paladins believe in. The Paladin Kobolds are often designated as the health unit while in a group of Kobolds.

Kobolds have also been known to become Monks, such as the Monks who reside in the Kobold Mountains.

Kobolds can train to wield three weapons at once, due to their powerful jaws. The first notable Kobold to do this was Chimera, who was regarded as a highly dangerous criminal.

Kobold hierarchy allows the leaders of Kobolds to be undefiable, forcing them to do whatever the leader tells them to.

Kobolds' diet revolves around digesting various minerals and rocks, preferably of zero monetary value. They can eat gem-like creatures, such as Gemlings as well. Kobolds can digest other food, such as fish, but greatly seek something to their tastes. Kobolds at sea have been known to resort to eating cannonballs. Their fondness for eating gems often puts them on opposing sides with treasure hunting Dwarves.

Kobold Language

Kobolds are commonly known to repeat the word "Kobold" when speaking to one another and when communicating with other races. However other races do not seem to understand this language and some will try to answer them by repeating their name or race.

If Goggles were speaking the truth to Kallark, the Kobold language is purely a body language expressed through small gestures - the sound itself can be used to clarify the meaning of particular body signals, as an example the speaker can indicate a sexual undertone by pronouncing the 'D' (in 'kobold') with a deep tone.

In Kobold Headhunters, it was learnt that Kobolds use the word Karazeem to describe a number of things. It was the name of a Kobold Monk, the name of the town, an emotion and an act of revenge.

Race Cards

Card Name Ability Description Image
Kobold Fortunately Unfortunate Kobolds always roll two dice and choose which die they want to use, however rolling a one on either die will always cause a Critical Failure. You should always treat anytime you have to roll a die as rolling both. 325px
Triton Ground Berserking Rolling a critical on a basic attack grants you an additional 2 actions. 325px
Seaswagger Luck of the Sea Anytime an ally rolls a Critical Failure, you may use any ability as an instant even if it is not an instant in an effort to counteract the disaster of this roll. 325px
Stonequisitor Power of Prayer Stonequisitor Kobolds can roll on behalf of other players if both agree. If they roll a Critical for them, they may heal an ally for 3 stamina. If you roll a Critical Fail, you both suffer the failure. 325px


Immunity to Rabies

While Kobolds can be carriers for rabies, they themselves are not affected by it other than causing them to foam at the mouth occasionally.


Kobolds are known for eating gems meaning they have a powerful enough jaw strength and digestive system to handle gems and crystals.

Kobolds are able to eat and live off of cannonballs.

Kobolds are able to eat gemlings as shown by No-Eye Bromas.

Tri Wielding

It was discovered in The Many Gobos of Pat campaign through a donation event called "Triple Wield" that highly trained Kobolds are able to wield three weapons at once, enabling them to attack three times in one round of combat. They hold one in each hand and one in the mouth.

Notable Kobolds

Triton Ground:





  • Kobolds were created in the original Unforgotten Realms web show by Rob. He was pleased by a fan's interpretation of a Kobold and implemented them into the show.
  • Kobolds having a high connection to the Paladin class might be due to the fact that they naturally have the ability to roll twice and manipulate their probability. This ability is very similar to the Paladin ability Divine Intervention.
  • Some Kobolds seen in the current campaigns seem to be habitual liars, or at least state false information for what they believe to be true. Examples include conflict of information on whether elves sleep, or the movement patterns of Elaphelks [1].
  • Kobolds are especially blunt creatures, known to say things as they are without any sugar coating.
  • According to Raynel the Gnome, Kobolds do not actually have noses. This can be seen with Kobolds in Puppet Pals.
  • Kobolds are the only race to have appeared in every campaign so far, excluding the pilot The Nuren Campaign.
  • During a Lore Stream, it was briefly discussed that Dvergr Dvergr are offspring of a union between Kobolds and Dwarves.
  • In the Kobold Headhunters campaign, the Stonequisitor subrace was not an available subrace to choose.
    • This is because the main ability of a Stonequisitor is that they can roll for their allies, using 2 dice to get a higher roll on average than the other races. However, in the Kobold Headhunters campaign, all of the player characters were Kobolds, making the ability redundant.