Kobold Headhunters

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Kobold Headhunters
Original Air Date: August 15th, 2015
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Kobold Headhunters is the seventh official campaign of Unforgotten Realms Live, and aired on August 15, 2015. In the campaign, a team of Kobolds defend their town from a Wolf that has been terrorizing the town of Karazzim.



Character Race Class Player
Jack Krysstal Icon.png Jack Krystaal Triton Ground Kobold Swashbuckler Justin
Kopie Ren Icon.png Kopie Ren Triton Ground Kobold Berserker Coestar
Noxel Icon.png Noxel Triton Ground Kobold Berserker Roamin
Romulus Icon.png Romulus Triton Ground Kobold Monk Deadbones


Character Race Class
Burrito Icon.png Burrito Unspecified Porc None, considers being a Bard
Fanboy Squire Event Icon.png No Name Gobolf Goblin None, aspires to be a Berserker
Nimbus Cloud.png Romulus' grandfather Nimbus Nimbus, previously a Master Monk
Neena Brando Icon.png Neena Brando Tall Dwarf Puppeteer

Battle Encounters

Plot Summary

The adventure begins in the town of Karrazim, with Romulus talking with fellow monk Karrazim about it being the day Romulus will finally avenge his grandfather in the Kobold mountains. Jack Krystaal is busy chatting with Burrito, his former 'shipmate', while Noxel and Kopie Ren are sharing style tips and preparing for the wolf hunt, when Romulus comes in. After they gather together and debate on where to search for the wolf first, they decide to head to the mountains. On being warned of the army of Goblins planning to attack the town and being asked for assistance by one of the townsfolk, stopping their raiding party before they arrive, they barter some pay before continuing up to the cave.

As they arrive, they see the Goblins have already set up camp. As they charge in and start killing, one goblin blows a horn, calling in reinforcements. Suddenly, Burrito gains some confidence and helps the team face the goblins. One Goblin leaps on top of Romulus, only for Romulus to suddenly vanish into the Vampire Locket to be replaced by a giant Neena Brando. Neena uses her puppeteering skills and uses Lascene to move everyone around, putting Noxel and Kopie back to back surrounded by the Goblins, alllowing them to cleave them down. Jack buckles himself to Noxel, but when a Goblin knocks Jack out, a baby Goblin is also able to poke Noxel unconscious. Neena attempts to Foreshadow Minds to cause the Goblins to focus their attack on the Cowfrog that had landed in the middle of the camp, but fails, and is swallowed by the frog. She takes a baby Goblin's soul in her mirror and stabs at the Cowfrog's stomach from the inside, before she vanishes and Romulus returns. Meanwhile, Kopie fails to revive Noxel after accidently cutting off Burrito's ear, and also falls unconscious. Romulus uses Windwalk to leave the Cowfrog as a fart, as Burrito flees with Jack and Kopie's bodies, and Romulus grabs Noxel, leaving the Goblins to fight the Cowfrog.

As they revive the party, everyone is nursing some pain or shame from the fight. Romulus' grandfather enters a physical form to talk with Romulus, but between the failure to kill Omally in his trip (who had killed his parents as well as said grandfather), his soul being linked to Neena of all people via the locket, and the embarrassing way Romulus escaped the Cowfrog, the grandfather returns to nimbus form and flies away. As Jack and Burrito talk about possibly leaving the team after killing the wolf, the monks guarding the shrine, who are secretly followers of Omally, turn against Romulus and attack him. Even though they are all monks, the group beats them without much issue. Romulus gets some confidence back from Noxel and Kopie, while Jack and Burrito are still planning on robbing and leaving the party once the wolf is dead. An odd little creature then approaches Noxel, claiming to be his biggest fan and wishing to be his follower. Noxel isn't sure he wants him, but ends up taking him along as a "buckle slave" and lends him his extra scimitar, much to Kopie's irritation.

As they return to the chamber where they left the Cowfrog, they find all the Goblins and Cowfrog dead by some fellow townspeople. Jack lies, telling the town people the party already killed the wolf, and receive the reward, but party tension continues. As the wolf is spotted, they negotiate for even more rewards, convincing the town folks that it is a different one. However, their path is blocked by a flock of Scrooges. Noxel and his assistant engage them first, cleaving through all but one with ease, who disarms his dwarven runeblade and calls in help, the others letting him slay the ducks alone for a bit. However, when all of a sudden the ducks start shooting Ray of Frost, the others come to assist, and, although Noxel loses a finger, and Kopie ends up killing the squire, the flock dies. Noxel requests that the squire is cooked by her.

As the party rests, a giant Mushroom Trent appears and grabs Burrito. As the party talks, the mushroom trashtalks the party, tosses Burito into Noxel, spews a gas, and turns Kopie into a mushroom before they finally charge in. When Kopie returns to normal, more mushrooms spawn. After having some issues hitting him, eventually they defeat it, finding two Tambok Tickets. Kopie uses her Book of Faces to look like Noxel. Finally, they find the wolf, alone and surprisingly small. The party attacks, when suddenly the wolf howls and glows, as vines awaken around them. The wolf dashes at super speeds as the forest around it tries to grapple the group, but even though Noxel loses his ticket, they slay the wolf. Jack and Burrito try and get the wolf's head, but end up failing to convince Noxel to give up his trophy. The story ends with Noxel reminding Romulus he does have another grandfather, giving him a new goal: to find his other grandfather.


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