Kohai Chan

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Kohai Chan
RaceAzveltarian Elf
AffiliationLyn Azveltarian's Assassins
RelationshipsLyn Azveltara (Employer)
Campaigns Azveltara Z
SeasonsSeason Three

Kohai Sensei Chan is an Azveltarian Elf Flamedanseur portrayed by Millbee in Azveltara Z. He is a member of Lyn Azveltara's team of assassins. He participated in Lyn's plot to exterminate the Beenu race, and participated in Fighting Power 8, making it to the quarter-finals. He has the ability to transform into a Pig.



Kohai is a young male Azveltarian Elf of unknown age. He is often described as being cute by Lyn Azveltara and even some of his fellow assassins perhaps due to his features making him resemble an innocent child, he sports scruffy spikey hair and a diamond tattoo on his forehead. Despite being a Flamedanseur, who are normally very agile, Kohai wears heavy Beastal Warplate. It is likely that he is able to wear this armor with ease due to his impressive strong stature and muscles that were revealed when he was taking a bath with Lyn and the other assassins.


In general, Kohai is an incredibly friendly and harmless young man. He preaches the power of friendship and his ultimate wish is to make as many friends as possible, this in turn has made him in to an almost useless assassin but someone that will constantly look out for and try to protect his friends to the point where he has seemingly acquired some kind of ability to sense when his friends are in danger. However, during the mission to exterminate the Beenu, Kohai showed an incredibly aggresive side to himself when he transformed into his pig form and seemingly overcome by rage, tore the throat out of a defenseless Beenu, Kohai then went on to partake in the murder of around 77 other Beenu. After the mission, Kohai resorted back to his old self but for the first time ever displayed envy and disgust when he racially insulted Bob the Gnome for talking to Aryu Maeda.


Lyn Azveltara

Kohai is one of Lyn Azveltara's most recent assassins and by extension, one of her lovers. Although never out right stated, it is heavily implied that Kohai is her favourite lover and is only kept on her team of assassins for his "talents" in the bedroom.

Aryu Maeda

Kohai percieves Aryu to be his best friend. The feeling is not mutual. Following the mission to exterminate the Beenu, Kohai showed signs of developing romantic feelings for Aryu to the point where he became incredibly jealous at Bob for talking to him and angrily insulted the Keen Gnome.

Character Inventory

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Azveltarian}]
  • [{Class / Flamedanseur}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Widow}]
  • [{Attribute / Cackling}]


  • [{Companion Passive / Az Warrior}]
  • [{Companion / Pig}] (Can shapeshift into)


  • [{Companion Ability / Oink}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Roll Over}]
  • [{Flamedanseur / Calm Lafeu}]
  • [{Flamedanseur / Capture Net}]
  • [{Flamedanseur / Mega Magma Strike}]

Former Abilities


  • [{Armor / Beastal Warplate}]
  • [{Treasure / Elaphelk Tusk}]
  • [{Weapon / Lirunda Blade}]
  • [{Weapon / Oaken Staff}]
  • [{Weapon / Puzzle Box}]

Former Belongings



Shyte is a Shezaite who is a member of Lyn Azveltara's team of assassins. She participated in Lyn's plot to exterminate the Beenu race.

Azveltara Z

Companion Inventory

  • [{Companion / Shezaite}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Melee Master}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Culling Swing}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Ram}]
Shyte AVZ Puppet.png
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns Azveltara Z

Sunny D

Sunny D is a Sun Hound who is owned by Kohai Chan. Kohai likes to imagine him as a man who talks to him.

Azveltara Z

Companion Inventory

  • [{Companion / Sunhound}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Sunbathed}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Bite}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Throw}]
Sunny D
Sunny D AVZ Puppet.png
RaceSun Hound
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns Azveltara Z



Not much is known about the past of Kohai Chan, other than his parents and grandparents seem to have a heavy impact on him, causing him to believe that he is some sort of hero revolving around friendship. With his determination combined with dumb luck, Kohai Chan managed to become one of the personal assassins to Lyn Azveltara, who prefers his skills in bed and his luck in battle over the other Assassins.

Azveltara Z

The Assassins are patiently waiting for their leader, Lyn Azveltara, to conclude her meeting with the First of All Elves, Rohbear Leomaris. The private meeting is concluded when they see Leomaris violently slam the door and slowly leaves the home of Azveltara. Lyn then exits the room and informs her assassins that she has a mission of up-most importance. Lyn tells Aryu Maeda to watch Kohai Chan the entire time. This is because their friendship bonds appear to be weaker than everyone else. Aryu begrudgingly accepts his task. After some awkward "bonding" between the two, Lyn tells them to stop. Lyn then wishes to recount the tales of how the Assassin's gain their Az Warrior tatoo and begins with asking Bei. But after hearing her story, Lyn is taken aback that Bei aquired the tattoo in a dangerous manner. Meanwhile, Kohai has a "conversation" with his wolf, which was infact Lyn talking through to Kohai's mind, about the past not mattering and how important their friendship is. Lyn rexplains her abilities through the bonds, being able to talk to Kohai out of the room and such. Lyn then comes back and asks Kohai to touch her skin, to which Kohai obliges. Kohai begins to rant about friendship but does not notice anything off from Lyn. Lyn then punches Kohai in the gut hard enough to send the Pig Assassin flying through the nearby curtained off room. This is where he meets....Lyn Azveltara, who proceeds to slap the young Elf. The real Lyn and Kohai return to belittle the assassins further for their inability to tell when it is Lyn and not an imposter. She then tells the group that it is time to refresh their bonds, and begins to have sex with Kohai Chan in the other room.


Kohai Chan was last seen in the quarter-finals of Fighting Power 8, losing to Aryu Maeda.