Kopie Ren

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Kopie Ren

Kopie Ren RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Berserker
Gender Female
  • Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Alias Kopie
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters
"Knock Knock. Wrastlin' is about to commence."
— Kopie Ren

Kopie Ren is a Triton Ground Kobold Berserker, played by Coestar in the Kobold Headhunters campaign.



Kopie Ren is a female Kobold with light brown rock-like fur with a single yellow streak and blue eyes. She wears blue tattered overalls that are rolled up at the knees, a brown belt around her waist with a grey and blue belt buckle that carries her twin scimitars and a straw hat with a blue strap on it. After defeating the Mushroom Trent, Kopie used the Book of Faces to take the appearance of Noxel.


Kopie is given to loud outbursts and jumping to conclusions. She is uneducated and not above making crass remarks or actions. Despite her hasty and unintelligent nature, she is a fierce fighter and is determined to see battles through no matter the cost.



Noxel and Kopie are very close, often appearing near each other and acting very similar. Kopie would often seek Noxel's advice and opinions on situations, which she would always side with. Their relationship often confuses the other members of the party, often leaving them asking if they are in a physical relationship or are related in some way.

Notable Attributes

During a fight with a massive number of Goblin bandits, Kopie injured her rear bone severely, causing her extreme discomfort while sitting.

Powers & Abilities


Berserker Abilities








Kobold Headhunters


Kopie was last seen using the Book of Faces to make her look like Noxel indefinitely.


  • In German, "kopieren" means "to copy", in reference of Coe's copying of Roamin's character Noxel.