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RaceAzveltarian Elf
AffiliationLyn Azveltarian's Assassins
RelationshipsLyn Azveltara (Employer)
Campaigns Azveltara Z
SeasonsSeason Three
"Scatter...AND FALL!"
— The Black Wind during Fighting Power 8.

Kuroyami, known as the assassin Blackwind, is an Azveltarian Elf Petalwalker portrayed by Deadbones in Azveltara Z. He is a member of Lyn Azveltara's personal team of Assassins, and participated in her plot to exterminate the Beenu race. He participated in the Elven tournament Fighting Power 8, making it to the finals. His Azveltarian tattoo is that of a Wowzer and allowed him to transform into one at any given time.



Kuroyami is a male Elf with long flowing hair and pronounced fangs. He is seen wearing a long scarf and a t-shirt. Due to his Azveltarian nature, Kuroyami has a tattoo covering his upper face, ears and arms that resembles a Wowzer. This tattoo allows him to transform into a Wowzer at any given time and use the abilities of one.


Kuroyami is that of a lone wolf among his Assassin teammates. He is often times seen running off during missions, keeping as far away from them as possible, and becoming increasingly uncomfortable when near them. This causes several problems when Lyn Azveltara commands him to do something, as he is unable to get over his ease. This disconnection from people translates into his social and sexual life as well, as he is often seen avoiding conversations with his teammates and treating to kill them, but also causes him to preform exceptionally badly when in bed.

Notable Attributes

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Lyn Azveltara

Character Inventory

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Azveltarian}]
  • [{Class / Petalwalker}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Exotic}]
  • [{Attribute / Reclusive}]


  • [{Companion Passive / Az Warrior}]
  • [{Companion / Wowzer}] (Can shapeshift into)
  • [{Passive / Hatezen Pride}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Bloom EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Honorfang}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Magic Paw}]
  • [{Shaman / Gift of the Earth}]
  • [{Petalwalker / Black Lotus}]
  • [{Petalwalker / Harsh Winds}]
  • [{Petalwalker / Prickle Dance}]

Former Abilities


  • [{Armor / Freeboat Coat}]
  • [{Passive / Masterful Ruby}]

Former Belongings



Kuroyami was born before the Birth of Magic, but when it happened, his father killed his mother and took Kuroyami to a remote island. His father raised Kuroyami brutally, forcing him to fight everyday for food and training him to be a fighter. However the training caused Kuroyami to become extremely powerful. Feeling threaten, his father attempted to kill him, when he failed, he fled the island. Kuroyami chased after his father, and eventually was recruited into the Azveltarian Assassins.

Azveltara Z


Kuroyami was last seen in the finals of Fighting Power 8, losing to Bei Mei X'hirt.