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Ladyir RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Affiliations Crew of the Bocoe
Alias Young Lady
Status Alive (In the hands of the Sunswords)
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The New Crew
"I-I-I can cast Fireball"
— Young Ladyir

Young Ladyir is a Noble Born Elf Wizard played by Justin in The New Crew campaign. He is a young elf boy with dreams of becoming a proper Pirate Wizard.



Ladyir is a young male Noble Born Elf with a small, thin figure, green eyes that are often crying and charcoal grey hair. He wears a long sleeve, light blue shirt, grey pants that end at his upper thighs, a black glove that goes to his elbow on his right hand, and green boots with a blue trim. He also wears a small green cape that has a golden button. He had lost his left hand to Cain, which leaves him with a bloody stump wrapped in bandages.


Ladyir is a very frightful child, often reacting in fear over many things that had happen to him. He is also very stubborn in his want for a Pirate adventure, which caused him to believe that Cain would allow him to be a part of the Bocoe if he left his hand in his mouth.


Powers and Abilities


Wizard Abilities

Thane Abilities

Theurgist Abilities








The New Crew


Young Ladyir was captured by the Sunswords. His current location is unknown. Since Ladyir is so young and them truly not knowing if he was actually a member of the pirates, it is unknown if the Sunswords would send him to the Silvermine Mountains. Based on the fact there are apparently a lot of children in the Mines, if they did find him guilty of piracy, one would presume they would.


  • Young Ladyir may possibly be a reference to Pyro of the Mindcrackers, who referred to himself as "Young Lad Pyro" (or some variation on the last word).
  • Young Ladyir is the first player character to be a child.