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Legendary Rolls are special rolls that players are given, usually, without them knowing, that have the potential of giving them a legendary item. If a player rolls a 20 they will get a legendary item, otherwise nothing happens.

Legendary items are specifically made and balanced for a single player to use. As such if they are used by any other player they could find themselves being totally useless or extremely overpowered.

Legendary Items

Name Character Campaign Image
Slimey Tunnel Shovel Michael Langstrom Woodcarvers 325px

Methods of Aquiring

Currently the only known way to acquire a legendary roll is by supporter events. Both the tradiontional kind and the new to season two 'Card Quests' in which the third and final 'quest' gives all players one legendary roll.


  • In Woodcarvers Rob forgot to give the players a legendary roll each after a supporter event activated that gave them all one. And so two combats (and a half) later Rob have them all two legendary rolls, as they could have had a legendary item for all of that combat and he felt bad.
  • The first ever legendary item to be given was not by legendary roll, but by a seperate supporter event. It was a Tambok Ticket.