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This is a collection of minor and mentioned characters in the Unforgotten Realms world.

Bernardo Fabioso

Bernardo Fabioso OGH Puppet.png

Bernardo Fabioso is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. He shares a last name with both Sergio Fabioso and Fantastico Fabioso. He is quite a show off as he casts all of his spells with a flex.

Bertha Marie

Bertha Marie OGH Puppet.png

Bertha Marie is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. She shares her last name with Morgana Marie. During the campaign she fell in love with and made love to Buzz Dinglefizz but as the campaign continued she grew more detached to him as he tried to choke her while in the Blood Snake Cave. She also began to hate Lola van Drych after she attacked her when she had lost her clothes and dried to put on one of her dresses. At the end of the campaign during the fight with Dalfgan, she was devastated to find out that Buzz was truly a Believer as he had lied to her about not being one and was almost killed as she began to fall apart, but she managed to pull herself and Enlarged herself and was ready to fight Dalfgan with the other students but was knocked unconscious by Lola before she could attack.


Ethan was the name of a fictional grandfather in a book that McCoy once read. The character of Ethan was said to have served in an unnamed war and left to travel the world. When Ethan returned to his home and his grandson, they both felt that Ethan had changed beyond the man that they recognized. Upon realizing this fact, Ethan assured his grandson that he will always love him before perishing before his eyes. His grandson was then sent to counselling.

McCoy was so moved by the grandpa character in the book, that he felt that Ethan was like his own grandfather. After concluding the book, McCoy burnt it and utilized it as a smoke screen during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles and The New Crew campaigns.

Finicky Doolips

Finicky Doolips OGH Puppet.png

Finicky Doolips is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. He is quite an ugly student and is one of Thomas' only friends. During the first encounter he was the student chosen to assist the party in the battle against the Bullogre but during the fight he just hid in the corner. During the end of the campaign he was "killed" by the fog caused by Dalfgan, and was left unconscious when it was revealed to be an illusion by Nisovin.


Gobolf Puppet.png

Grif is a Noble Born Elf Dealer/Junkie who is portrayed by Deadbones during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. He supposedly knew Lance Briggs as they were together in a band in a previous Battle of the Bards competition. He comes offering The Future Winners a drug called "EXP". After supplying The Future Winners with EXP he was knocked to the ground and walked away.


Nessie BOT Puppet.png

Harold is an Okagnoma Gnome who is portrayed by Deadbones during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. He was waiting in the green room for his match when The Future Winners came in and started preparing for their own upcoming match, and seemed especially nervous about letting anyone near his box, which was later revealed to contain 5 Hat Rats, who were his friends and performed alongside him. However, in the middle of his match against Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy, The Future Winners, fuelled by EXP, stormed the stage and killed his Hat Rats and, after Harold's attempt at revenge failed, he ran off the stage in tears.

Harold Stonemason

Harold Stonemason was the husband of Alessa Stonemason and the father to their two twin children, Heathera Stonemason and an unnamed son. However, when the twins were born, he kidnapped his own son and sacrificed him in an attempt to become Ageless. When Alessa found him, she saw that he had been turned into a monster, killing him. Near the ashes of her sacrificed son, she found an Amulet of Bones that presumably belonged to Harold, and has kept it ever since.

James Jamie Jameson

James Jamie Jameson was an elf tasked with guarding the gates during The Silvermine Mountains campaign and was also the soldier to command the elven squadron which subdued the flame spirit in Porc Hunters.

Jamey Cuckoo

Jamey Cuckoo was the name that the Unnamed Elemech called the purple robot and it seem the elemech dislike the robot as well. Lived in the Zarlin Catacombs along with the only one who can teach people how to use the ability "Mind Fist". Or use to until it was destroy and pass down "Mind Fist" to a gnome named Fantastico Fabioso .

Jezebel Cake

Jezebel Cake OGH Puppet.png

Jezebel Cake is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. She shares a last name with Patrick Cake. During the campaign she was asked by Professor Duncan to stay after class because of her looks and during the final encounter with Dalfgan she ran away.


Jakelad JDI Puppet.png

Job was a Porc that was a part of the group of Gnome bandits that appeared in The Blood Snake Queen campaign. He was charmed by Dob into joining the mercenaries, but Slippery Knuckles Malone didn't trust him, and wanted to chop off his arms to make sure that he wouldn't turn on them and try to kill them. He managed to chop off the first arm, which was then cauterised by Dob to stop the bleeding, but when he tried to chop off the second, he accidentally swung for his neck, killing him. Dob then placed the stick he had been using to represent a penis into the wound in the top of his neck.

Jonathan Blant

Jonathan Blant OGH Puppet.png

Jonathan Blant is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. He shares a last name with Jameson Blant. During the campaign he was revealed to not have good magical capabilities and during the Best In Show competition all he could do was break dance but it was pointless when he accidentally casted Lascene freezing time and making no one able to see his performence. During lunch Thomas attempted to befriend him and in turn he called him racist slurs and when he attempted to punch Thomas he failed and Thomas turned it into a hug making him reveal all of his problems to him, such as the scar on his face being given to him by his mother, and became friends with Thomas. Afterwards he bought E.X.P. from Suzanna Sophia Sorrella and tried to not allow his new friend Thomas to have some but ended up sharing with him after he had already used some. For the rest of the campaign he and Thomas became best friends and constantly shared drugs with each other. During the final encounter he decided to man up and stay to fight Dalfgan.


Kobold Puppet.png

Karazim is a Kobold Monk and friend of Romulus, who helps him enact his vengeance upon Omally murdering his grandfather and parents in the Kobold Headhunters campaign. Oddly enough, he refuses to say "Karazim" after stating his own name several times prior.


Lenny, also known as Lenny the Great, was one of the three most powerful wizards named by Thomas in Okagnoma Guild Hall.

Lizzy Langstrom

Lizzy Langstrom was the wife of Michael Langstrom and the mother to their son, Taylor. She disappeared a long time ago in a Harpy raid on the town of Waldon, and presumed dead thereafter.

Luma Pie

Luma Pie OGH Puppet.png

Luma Pie is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. Not much is known about her other than that she was almost "killed" during the final encounter with Dalfgan.


Marcel BOTB Puppet.png

Marcel is a Scarred Gnome mime who appears during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. He was the first competitor to go up against The Future Winners, but before they had even gone up on stage, Popo spat acid into his face, causing him incredible pain. In the match, Marcel performed a routine of climbing an invisible ladder before diving off of it in an attempt to impress the crowd. However, his landslide loss caused him to leave the stage in defeat.

Ms. Barringster

Ms. Barringster is the mother of Templeton Barringster VII and Phineas Barringster. Not much is known about her, other than her fondness for baking Elven Sugar Cookies, but with oatmeal and grapes as ingredients. These Sugar Cookies still retain their magical properties, but are unliked by Phineas and their cousin Xavius.

It is unknown if Xavius is her nephew on her side or her husband side, as it is never revealed if his surname is also Barringster. If Xavius is her nephew on her side, then that would mean that she comes from a family of Spellblades who married into the Noble Born subspecies.


Mombo was the mother to Porbo and previous leader of the Danevur Porcs. Not much is known about her leadership among these Porcs, other than that she was regarded as the strongest of the Porcs. Eventually, Porbo felt that he was stronger and had to slay his own mother in order to prove it and become the new leader. Bill and Steve say in The Silvermine Mountains that they miss Mombo implying that they knew Mombo and possibly followed her before joining The Cult of Bones.


OOO, also known as Intricate Circle Wizard, was one of the three most powerful wizards named by Thomas in Okagnoma Guild Hall. Instead of letters, they designate themselves using an intricate series of circles, and they are a master of 'Circle Magic.'


Porco is a Porc living in the Danevur Porc Caves under the command of Ca-Rell. Originally Porco was a simple Porc under the command of Porbo, who lived in fear of being beaten and eaten alive by him. After Ca-Rell and Theta Squad defeated Porbo, Ca-Rell promoted Porco to her second-in-command.

Reggie Feverbottom

Reggie Feverbottom OGH Puppet.png

Reggie Feverbottom is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name.


Rindell was an Elven soldier and subordinate of Virgo Sunsword, who was a member of one of the two squadrons of elves that disappeared shortly before The Death of Virgo occurred. It was later discovered by Virgo and his men that Rindell had been killed and turned into part of the giant Flesh Monstrosity Calcium by Flesh Weavers. They were able to defeat Calcium, and subsequently learnt that Rindell and the other elves had been betrayed and turned over to the Flesh Weavers by Reginald Barringster III.

Robbie "Rob" Bobertson

Robbie Rob Bobertson OGH Puppet.png

Robbie "Rob" Bobertson is a Gnome student that attends the Okagnoma Guild Hall and appears in the campaign of the same name. He shares a last name with Bob.

Romulus' Grandfather

Nimbus Cloud.png

Romulus' Grandfather is a minor character in Kobold Headhunters. He was a male Kobold Monk who was murdered by his Dwarven student, Omally, years prior. This caused his grandson to seek vengeance by using the Vampire Locket worn by his grandfather to alter places with another person to fight Omally. However, after failing, Romulus spoke to the spirit of his grandfather through a ritual that allowed his Nimbus Familiar form to become sentient. His grandfather was furious with Romulus' failure and decided to shun him as a nimbus, refusing to help him any more.

It is speculated that Romulus resembles his grandfather greatly, as Omally mistook them when he appeared through the Locket, although it is also possible that Romulus bore a lot of resemblance to his father, as it was stated that Omally killed both of his parents as well as his grandfather.

Romulus' grandfather supposedly said a large number of proverbs, many of which seem to make little sense, although it is possible that in the right context, they may make more sense. This is known as Romulus would regularly say in the Kobold Headhunters campaign, "As my granddaddy used to say..." followed by one of these proverbs, much to the confusion of the others.

Note: For a full list of his proverbs, see List of Romulus' Grandfather's Proverbs


Lester TUR Puppet.png

Rupert was a Dwarf imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains. During the prison riot caused by Kallark, in The Silvermine Mountains, Rupert attempted to break the Anti-Magic Collar around his neck using a pick axe. However, as he was unable to escape, and didn't join the Cult of Bones with Khn'n-Rell, it can be assumed that he died when the mountain collapsed.


Rupert WC Puppet.png

Rupert was a Dwarf working as a guard in the town of Waldon in Woodcarvers. He tells the lumberjacks that they cannot work unless they deal with the fungal infestation in the forest. He seems to know all of the lumberjacks. He was the true lover of Jormr's wife Sheila and the father of her child. Whenever Jormr would leave the village to go lumberjacking with the others he would have relations with Sheila. When the dragon Golestandt flew over the town of Waldon, he was turned Ageless and killed by Jormr, his parting words to Jormr was letting him know he would "take care" of his wife.

Rupert Beerstein

Rupert Beerstein was a Kobold who appeared in The New Crew, who wanted to join the Crew of the Bocoe when McCoy delivered a speech in the tavern. He claimed to be able to triple-wield, and said that his 3 favourite methods of killing were all stabbing, but only carried a billy club, whip/lasso and slingshot. He also told McCoy that he had killed over a million men, before changing the number to 2 million. McCoy told Rupert that he was considering letting him on board, before Maelstrom also appeared, and then killed Rupert brutally by slashing his knees, stabbing him in the eye and then stealing his weapons.


Heatherfol Threecircle MGP Puppet.png

Sandy is a female Elf portrayed by Deadbones during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. She was brought onto the stage by Lance Briggs to dance and help them win their impromptu match against Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy, and when they lost she helped drag Popo off the stage and later on remained with The Future Winners as a groupie.


Sheila WC Puppet.png

Sheila was a Dwarf who was the wife of Jormr and the mother of Jormr's Stepson. She lived in the town of Waldon with Jormr, but only used him for money, cheating on him with Rupert and lying to him by telling him that he was the father of her son. When Golestandt flew over the town, she was killed and reincarnated as a mindless Ageless being, and was killed by Jormr, although not before first killing his pet Blood Cobra which she despised.


The Ski-gypsians are a group of gunpowder-eating Porcs portrayed by Deadbones during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. Their act supposedly involves a lot of gunpowder and very large cannons. They were the next band to go up after Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy vs Harold, and were meant to go up against The Future Winners, but due to Gear Man leaving the group and Vanessa Squishwitz having a heart attack, The Future Winners were forced to pull out of the competition. Despite getting a free pass, however, the Ski-Gypsians were unable to win the competition, as it was stated that Tiefa'ni was the winner.

Steve I

Steve I OGH Puppet.png

Steve I is a Porc who was originally going to be dissected by Professor Duncan's class but when the class refused he became a student and had his tuition payed by Thomas. During the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign he made the sludge pit for Professor Duncan's class so they could make there own Porcs and was befriended by Thomas. The Porc made by Steve I was an overweight Porc whom he named Steve III. Durring Nisovin's final class he and Steve III were not allowed to attend the class.


Tiefa'ni BOTB Puppet.png

Tiefa'ni is a very famous musician who is mentioned during the Battle of the Bards Side Quest campaign. She has many supporters and is well known throughout the land. In the campaign, it was stated that she was the winner of the competition, and that Gear Man had become a member of her band.


Tom is a mutual friend of Gwyneth Sunsword and Kallark. He was called by Gwyneth in The Silvermine Mountains to do something about Kallark since everyone thought he was crazy due to him talking to Carlos. When Kallark found out that Tom had been called, he was not happy and called Tom "a dick".

Unnamed Resurrected Bennu

Skeleton Icon.png

The Unnamed Resurrected Bennu, or URB, was a member of the Bennu race who was one of two brought back from death by Morgana Marie in the Zarlin Catacombs (the other being Alfie). URB had been dead for hundreds if not thousands of years before being resurrected by Morgana and was very uncomfortable with his new existence. He was very distressed until Morgana dispelled his existence.

Vitali Zankovich's Children

Vitali Zankovich had three children with his wife Wanda, two daughters and a son. One daughter grew up to be a great Magician, whilst the other became a Wizard, resulting her being hated and outcast from the family. The son married the daughter of an heiress to the largest hat factory in Abracadab, and had a son named Mikael. This son and his wife were later killed by 15 bandits, whilst delivering a shipment of hats, leading to Mikael being forced to live with his grandparents. The whereabouts of the other two children are unknown.


Vladistaff was one of the three most powerful wizards named by Thomas in Okagnoma Guild Hall, although Professor Spydly Spyderson disagreed with Thomas about whether Vladistaff was one of the top three or not.

Wanda Zankovich

Wanda Zankovich WC Puppet.png

Wanda Zankovich was the wife to Vitali Zankovich, mother and grandmother to their children and grandchildren, who first appeared in the Woodcarvers campaign. She was from Abracadab and only spoke the language and not common tongue. She used to be the assistant during Vitali's years as a Magician, but settled down in Waldon where she collected Hat Rats. Sadly, she met her end when Golestandt was released and flew overhead, turning her into a mindless Ageless. Her spirit was released after Vitali defeated her form.

Non-Canon Characters

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson is the late Dwarf father of the Dwarven Siblings. He had pedophilic tendencies towards several of his offspring, which resulted in Sir Spankey killing him in front of Penwar. These sexual tendencies caused severe mental and physical damage to most of his children. At some point in his life, Jackson began hiding his real name from the public. He joined the George Clan and met Kormac.

Jackson's negative parenting style caused several problems within the family. Sir Spankey had several anger management issues, Inky and Blinky became very impressionable within proximity to father figures, and Penwar harbored hatred for Sir Spankey, as she still did not fully realize Jackson's actions until many years later.

Pattenborrow Threecircle's Family

Pattenborrow Threecircle's original family consisted of an unnamed wife, daughter and son. Not much is known of them other than they lived fairly well with Pat during his time as a member of the Paladin Order. Once Medusa took over the minds of the Dwarven Paladins, she sent them to kill Pat and his family for his magic immune necklace. Pat, alone, survived and lived in hiding after adopting several Goblins.

Medusa eventually found Pat and his new family, killing him and forcing his Goblins to fight in an arena. She took the guise of Heatherfol Threecircle and claimed to be the daughter of Pat. It is unknown if that was actually the name of Pat's daughter, or if Medusa simply created a false name.

Roamin the Paladin


Roamin the Paladin is a tale told by the Paladins of the Unforgotten Realms world, and is regarded as a great warrior, but it is currently unknown if he truly existed or was completely fiction. One story told by an elf was that his parents were killed by Goblins.