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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

This is a list of all organizations found within the URealms Live world.

  • - Deceased
  • - Former Member
  • ? - Unknown Status
  • - Defected by turning Ageless

The Elven Families of Nobility[edit]

There exists many Elven Families of Nobility in the Realm. After The Hatching, the elves divided themselves into different families and lived in a era of true peace. The first of all elves was Rohbear Leomaris, which established his family as the ruler of the Elves. It is suggested that there became 6 Elven Elder Families; The Sunwords, Tarcial'Embeart, Azveltara, Draughwin, Leomaris and Lotus. The Lotus family may have been established after the Birth of Magic. Each Elder Family has Sister Families tied to them. The Elven Council, known as the Mana Arc, primarily consists of the Heads of the 6 Elven Elder Families.

Current Council Members
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png Galen Sunsword Icon.png Lyn Azveltara Icon.png Quintara Lotus Icon.png
First of the Elves
Rohbear Leomaris
Blade of the Realm
Galen Sunsword ?
Warden of the Realm
Lyn Azveltara
Dragon Aspect
Quintara Lotus
Perdita Draughwin Icon.png Tigriel Louis Tarcial'Embeart Nisovin Icon.png
Feather of the Realm
Perdita Draughwin ?
Unknown Title
Unknown Title
Louis Tarcial'Embeart
Unknown Title
Former Council Members
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Hawkthorn Draughwin
Blade of the Realm
Virgo Sunsword
Feather of the Realm

Sunsword Family[edit]

The main article for this organization is The Sunswords Military.

The Sunsword Family is one of the Ancient Elven Elder families which are part of the Mana Arc (The Elven Council) led previously by Legendary Virgo Sunsword. They were tasked by the Council to secure Golestandt and mine the scales from the Dragon Aspect. They are also tasked to protect the world from the the ageless threat. The Sunswords have a large military at their disposal and have strong ties to the Grand Paladin Order. Their Capital City is Alevasorin which serves as their base of operations and is also where the entrance to the Realm of Shadows is located, the prison of Dalfgan. Virgo and his children each hold a Sun Key, which are used to open Dalfgan's prison. The current known sister-families of the Sunswords are the Briggs and the Barringsters.

The Sunsword have also been send on diplomatic missions to get the Dwarven Kingdoms to sign the Ironstone Accords.

Before Virgo Sunsword was slain by Bopen he held the title of the Grand Paladin which has been passed on to his daughter Gwyneth Sunsword. His seat at the Mana Arc will be given to his son Galen Sunsword.

Family Members
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Galen Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Leopold Sunsword-Barringster Fox Sunsword
Sunsword -
Gwyneth's Military Squad
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Bob Icon.png Xavius Barringster Icon.png Dave Icon.png
Bob Xavius
Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Heathera Stonemason Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Mikael Zankovich Icon.png
Jormr Mikael
Galen's Military Squad
Galen Sunsword Icon.png Jax Blartowitz Icon.png Sly Johnson Icon.png Lann McRoberts Icon.png Reno Gillgully Icon.png
Sheriff Jax
Sly Johnson Lann
Virgo's Personal Squad
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Ghana Ens Sin Icon.png Nathaniel Granger Icon.png Tennis Icon.png Jenathorn Barringster Icon.png
Ens Sin
Tennís Jenathorn
Cecilia Briggs Icon.png
Cecilia Briggs
Sunswords Military
James Briggs Icon.png Templeton Barringster Icon.png Elmar Icon.png Zack Ca-Rell Icon.png
James Briggs Templeton
Barringster VII
Zack Ca-Rell
Rufio Icon.png DeNada Icon.png Khn'n-Rell Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png Reginald Barringster Icon.png
Rufio DeNada Khn'n-Rell Phineas
Barringster III
Samson Briggs

Mentioned Members[edit]

Azveltara Family[edit]

The Azveltara Family is one of the head Elven Elder Families who sit on the Elven council and their capital city is Ninjaru. The leader of the Azveltara family, Lyn Azveltara is known as the Warden of the Realm. She serves Rohbear Leomaris and the Mana Arc by doing what she believes is necessary for the survival of the Elven families. The family has a house of trained master assassins who posses one-of-a-kind magic, like their trademark shape-shifting tattoos and the lovers-bond spell which allow Lyn Azveltara to see and communicate telepathically with her lovers. The family and Assassins acquired this magic and knowledge after Lyn Azveltara climbed the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and requested to be mentored by the Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. Due to their mission, they may come of as extremely racist to lesser-kin, especially the era after the Birth of Magic.

In Lyn Azveltara Gaiden it was revealed that the Family members are not the direct descendants of Lyn Azveltara, but homeless elves which Lyn Azveltara created both a home and a family out of since she was not able to give birth.

Family Members
Lyn Azveltara Icon.png Lucida Azveltara Icon.png Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Norokoh Xhir't Kuroyami Icon.png
Bei Mei Xhir't Norokoh Xhir't Kuroyami
Kohai Chan Icon.png Aryu Maeda Icon.png Veseran Icon.png Quiset Icon.png Harlin Hardbody Icon.png
Kohai Chan Aryu Maeda Veseran Quiset Harlin Hardbody
Lyn Azveltara's Master Assassins
Kuroyami Icon.png Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Kohai Chan Icon.png Aryu Maeda Icon.png Shyte
Kuroyami Bei Mei Xhir't Kohai Chan Aryu Maeda Shyte
Lyn's Lovers/Sleeper Agents
Bob Icon.png Xavius Barringster Icon.png Caynon Nailo Icon.png
Bob Xavius
Caynon Nailo

Tarcial'Embeart Family[edit]

The Tarcial'Embeart is one of the head families of Elves that has been around since before the Birth of Magic. The head of the family was Daedric Tarcial'Embeart before the Birth of Magic, but it is unknown who is the current head of the family. Daedric briefly mentioned that the family has control over some islands when he attempted to escape Than'drellfal during the Birth of Magic with his friends and family. The family is known to operate a notable naval force.

Family Members
Jean Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png Daedric Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png Louis Tarcial'Embeart Pier Tarcial'Embeart Questa Tarcial'Embeart
Bert Tarcial'Embeart Darcy Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png

Leomaris Family[edit]

The Leomaris Family is the Elven Elder Family which rule the elves. Its members consists of the First and Second elves created by the Sun Dragon Gods. The first of all elves and king, Rohbear Leomaris is the most influential elf in the elven political system. The second of all elves, Nader Leomaris is the most powerful Dreamweaver, according to Bopen.

Nader Leomaris was banished by his older brother before the Birth of Magic to his Pocket Dimension, because of his blasphemous speeches about the Old Gods and the destruction they would bring to the realm. However Nader Leomaris was very liked by most of the elves in the utopia. He would often bring gifts to them, and he made an appearance in Louis Tarcial'Embeart's ascension ceremony. Nader Leomaris gave a Heartwall Locket to Ladrian Cobbler durning the cermony which would later become a precious item for the Gravedigger Senator, after he lost his children during the Birth of Magic.

Nader Leomaris may be the narrator of the stories which is told to the Old Gods, and his books would serve as a major source of information for the Old Gods about the realm.

The known sister families to the Leomaris is the Cobbler Family and the Gandolin Dwelf Family.

Family Members
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png Nader Leomaris Icon.png Pablo Leomaris
Rohbear Leomaris Nader Leomaris Pablo Leomaris

Lotus Family[edit]

The Lotus Family is one of the Elven head families which are led by the Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. It is not known when this family was established, however we can assume it was after the Birth of Magic.

Family Members
Quintara Lotus Icon.png Wilton Lotus Simon Lotus
Quintara Lotus Wilton Lotus Simon Lotus

Draughwin Family[edit]

The Draughwin Family is one of the Elven head families which is tasked with researching the Realms. The head of the Draughwin family is known as the "Feather of the Realm" and they sit on the Mana Arc. The current head is Perdita Draughwin, although her status is unknown currently.

Family Members
Perdita Draughwin Icon.png Hawkthorn Draughin Conner Draughwin
Draughwin ?

Mentioned Members[edit]

Barringster Family[edit]

The Barringster Family is an Ancient Elven Sister Family to the Sunwords, its members are seen by others as pompous and uptight. The founder of the Barringster Family is Trandon Barringster, an Insane elf which got tired of running the family. Trandon Barringster then began impersonating different people by disguising himself under many different names. Many family members of the Barringster Family may have inherited Trandon’s insanity to some degree like Phineas Barringster.

The Barringster Family have a reputation as good fighters; during Fighting Power 8 it was mentioned that there have been multiple winners from the Barringster Family. Some Barringsters also seem to be great Dark Magic users, like Phineas Barringster, Templeton Barringster VII and Jenathorn Barringster. Jenathorn Barringster was the person who created the Dark Vision spell which allow people to detect Ageless.

Family Members
Trandon Barringster Icon.png Jenathorn Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png Templeton Barringster Icon.png Xavius Barringster Icon.png
Barringster VII
Reginald Barringster Icon.png Stuart Barringster Icon.png Dorothy Barringster I Dorothy Barringster II Dupree Barringster I
Barringster III
Barringster I
Barringster II
Barringster I
Leopold Barringster's Mother Leopold Sunsword-Barringster Xenthrill Barringster Janah Barringster Icon.png Quineas Barringster
Barringster ?

Briggs Family[edit]

The Briggs Family is a family of Elves that has been around since before the Birth of Magic, as some members were playing in the band at Louis Tarcial'Embeart's ascension party. The family is known to be very trustworthy and honorable, and is closely affiliated with the Sunswords.

Family Members
Lance Briggs Icon.png Cecilia Briggs Icon.png Ghana Ens Sin Icon.png James Briggs Icon.png Samson Briggs
Lance Briggs Cecilia
Ghana Ens Sin James Briggs Samson Briggs

Cobbler Family[edit]

The Cobbler Family is an ancient sister family of the Leomaris Family, founded by the first Cobbler; Ladrian Cobbler. They are known as great Goblin exterminators, often being tasked to destroy Goblin dens. The Beetle delicacy originally stems from the Cobbler Family and is now a big part of gnomish culture.

Family Members
Ladrian Cobbler Icon.png Borris Cobbler Icon.png Eliza Cobbler Icon.png Kristy Cobbler Icon.png Beautressa Cobbler Icon.png
Auri Cobbler Denna Cobbler Vin Cobbler

Mentioned Members[edit]

  • Jenelle Cobbler: Mentioned by Nader as a former romantic interest.
  • Bosconovich: Possibly a Cobbler. Mentioned by Trisha Vinisto.

Vinisto Family[edit]

The Vinisto Family is a sister family to one of the head families that has been around since before the Birth of Magic.

Family Members
Zanaria Vinisto Icon.png Trisha Vinisto
Zanaria Vinisto Trisha Vinisto

Vemtari Family[edit]

The Vemtari Family is a sister family to one of the head families. Not much is know about this family except it contains Dwelves and multiple members work in the Grand Paladin Order.

Family Members
Wolster Vemtari Icon.png Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari
Wolster Vemtari Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari

Gandolin Family[edit]

The Gandolin Family is a family of Dwelves, who serve under the Leomaris Family. They currently run the Silverflats, one of the previous Golestandt sleeping spots, which became a minning town for both Dwarves and Elves. The Gandolin Family has lost a lot of members because of aggression from Dwarfs, since the Ironstone Accords do not protect Dwelves.

Family Members
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Reesi Gandolin Icon.png Mia Gandolin
Kallark Gandolin Reesi Gandolin Mia Gandolin

Mentioned Members[edit]

Squishwitz Family[edit]

The Squishwitz Family is a sister family to the Azveltara Family of Nobility. All members of the Squishwitz to have been shown have all been born post the Birth of Magic. The members of this family have been show to be laid back, fun and outgoing.

Family Members
Elmar Icon.png Vanessa Squishwitz Icon.png

The Ageless Factions[edit]

Bopen's Skeleton Crew[edit]

A group of Ageless and non-Ageless who follow Bopen on his many plundering expeditions, first seen in The Skeleton King.

Crew Members
Bopen Icon.png Are'ani Icon.png Clott Icon.png Tobias Cragg Icon.png Luca Icon.png
Bopen Are'ani Clott Tobias Cragg Luca
Krungor Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png Fat Frank Charles Bob Icon.png
Krungor Phineas
Barringster ?
Fat Frank Charles Bob
Ghostblade Icon.png Jamboree Ladyir Icon.png Merci Icon.png Cain Icon.png
Ghostblade Jamboree Young Ladyir Merci Cain
Morton Icon.png Nylys Glisk Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Magnir Ringam
Morton Nylys Glisk Jormr Magnir Ringam
Charlesworth Sagequake Cythiel Aff Icon.png Astar Icon.png
Charlesworth Sagequake Cythiel Aff Astar
Tamtroll Icon.png Arcanite Woolfy Joku Billy Icon.png
Tamtroll Arcanite ? Woolfy ? Joku ? Billy
Mr. President
Mr. President

Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

A group of Ageless who run Deadlantis by proposing motions and collectively voting on whether or not to pass them after group discussion. The Senate is split predominantly into two major groups - the "Skull Breakers" and the "Bone Guard", with a couple of fringe parties, such as the "Gravediggers" and the "Reapers".

  • The "Skull Breakers", also known as "Those who are truly dead", believe that they have been inflicted with a curse by being Ageless, and wish death upon the entire race, even encouraging suicide. Many Skull Breakers suffer from depression, such as Zanaria Vinisto, as they believe their life is not worth living. Approximately half of Deadlantis' citizens follow the Skull Breakers party.
  • The "Bone Guard" believe in protecting, and maintaining Deadlantis as it is, and discourage any new growth, whether land or population. They are very staunch about staying hidden from the living, as they believe it could threaten all of Deadlantis, and one of their main party leaders, Daedric Tarcial'Embeart, strongly disagreed with Bopen's plan to wage war on the living, as Daedric believed it could wipe all Ageless out if they were too careless.
  • The "Gravediggers" have a far smaller following than the Skull Breakers or Bone Guard, and are more violent in nature. They believe that being Ageless is a gift, and they want to share their 'gift of immortality', by converting as many living beings into Ageless as they can.
  • The "Reapers" are an extremist party, with a very small, but vocal, following. They believe that the Ageless are the true rulers of the Realm, and that they must kill all who oppose them. Bopen, who is revered as an Ageless God by the Reaper party members, was able to convince the Senate to act out their plan of waging war on all of the living.

Skull Breaker Party
Zanaria Vinisto Icon.png
Bone Guard Party
Daedric Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png
Gravedigger Party
Ladrian Cobbler Icon.png Senator Samuel
Ladrian Cobbler Senator Samuel
Reaper Party
Stuart Barringster Icon.png Bopen Icon.png Senator Bill Senator Hayden
Stuart Barringster Bopen Senator Bill Senator Hayden

Flesh Weavers[edit]

The main article for this organization is Flesh Weavers.

Most believe Fleshweavers are twisted and deranged individuals, but in reality, they are much more terrifying. They listen to the whispers of the Divine Aspect Anthahall, a child of Golestandt. During the Birth of Magic, Anthahall was trapped in his father's never-ending nightmares. Seeking freedom from eternal pain and suffering he has learned to enter the dreams of other beings. They call Anthahall by the name Legion.

People who become Fleshweavers often hear whsipers in their dreams and are asked to leave their bed to seek their caller. The Fleshweavers are known for raiding entire villages--using their people to make Flesh Golems for their deity to use as a host.

It seems that there are many different groups/factions of Fleshweavers, but they all are controlled by Legion.

Flesh Weavers
Smiggons Reginald Barringster Icon.png Todd
Smiggons Reginald
Barringster III

Cult of Bones[edit]

The main article for this organization is Cult of Bones.

Major Organizations[edit]

Grand Paladin Order[edit]

This article is about the Organization. For the Season 3 campaign, see The Grand Paladin Order.

The main article for this organization is Grand Paladin Order (Organization).

The Grand Paladin Order is an organization led by the Grand Paladin. The Grand Paladin Order is tasked with defending the Realm from the Ageless, and therefore have close ties to the Sunsword Elven Elder family, who were given this same task by the Mana Arc. The Order also collect various ancient and powerful artifacts. All races are accepted, both members of the Common Race, and lesser-kin. The exceptions are Goblins and naturally born ageless species like Spiders.

The order worships the Light, and since it had its beginnings as a primarily Dwarven order, they consider Thor to be the grandest of all Paladins. Thor once resided with the Dwarves who had formed the order, but he eventually left. Before he did so, however, he created the first Grand Paladin - Bruce Willakers.

The order is led by the Grand Paladin, an individual who posses the Knowledge, Skill, Personality and Memories of previous Grand Paladins, along with the Eternal Flame, the physical embodiment of the Light, created by Ouro'ras himself, and passed down to the Grand Paladin Order by Ouro'ras' son, Thor. Once a Grand Paladin is killed, the successor will fuse with the Grand Paladin Spirit using the the [{Legendary / Final Gift}] spell. There have supposedly been 3 or 4 Grand Paladins; an unknown Grand Paladin, Bruce Willakers, Virgo Sunsword and the current Grand Paladin, Gwyneth Sunsword.

Virgo Sunsword allow civilized Ageless to “live” in peace discretely in certain towns, but this changed when Gwyneth Sunsword was given the memories of her father and proceeded to lift the ban on attack of civilized Ageless. This change would lead to the death and ageless resurrection of Lance Willakers, a high ranking Paladin, after his over-aggression led to his defeat.

Love between members of the Paladin Order may have been forbidden in the past, as Wolster Vemtari says, however Gwyneth Sunsword and Kallark Gandolin are currently dating which sets the legitimacy of this statement in question.

Ouro'ras Mural.png Thor Icon.png
Ouro'ras ? Thor ?
Grand Paladins
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Bruce Willakers Icon.png
Bruce Willakers
Grand Viziers
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Galen Sunsword Icon.png Lance Willakers Icon.png
Fjord Stormstick Icon.png Loreland
Bromas Kobold Icon.png Fantastico Fabioso Concubine Icon.png Raynel Icon.png Sergio Fabioso Male Icon.png Sonya Icon.png
Bromas Fantastico
Raynel Sergio Fabioso Sonya
Tania Grayson Icon.png Fetchthewater Icon.png Wolster Vemtari Icon.png Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari
Tania Grayson Fetchthewater Wolster Vemtari Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari
Morton Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Mikael Zankovich Icon.png Alessa Stonemason Icon.png
Morton Jormr Vitali
Heathera Stonemason Icon.png Sagequake Cythiel Dodric Doggin
Sagequake Cythiel Dodric Doggin

Guild of Explorers[edit]

The main article for this organization is Guild of Explorers.

The Guild of Explorers is a guild that hires many mercenaries to search out ancient ruins and valuable artifacts. Duke Daring of the guild discovered the Beenu ruins Zelfatar, and alerted the guild, who teamed up with the Grand Paladin Order in Unexpected Discovery to search through the halls for the long-lost race.

Guild Members
Denzik Icon.png Duke Daring Icon.png Gracias Icon.png Jameson Blant Icon.png Karl Landers Icon.png
Denzik Duke Daring Gracias Jameson Blant Karl Landers
Patrick Cake Icon.png Slap Icon.png Chip Chop Icon.png Usu Icon.png Nikers Fontain Icon.png
Patrick Cake Slap Chip Chop Usu Nikers Fontain
Papi Pombo Icon.png Temp Icon.png
Papi Pombo Karl Landers'

Order of Chaos[edit]

The Order of Chaos was born from the ashes of the Sandbolds after Maelstrom ascended and destroyed the Keepers of Time. It is a cult which serves the Old Gods and has realized the truth about the realms.

Maelstrom Icon.png
Sun God Whelpling
Lola van Drych Icon.png Lunk Icon.png Galen Sunsword Icon.png Maelstrom Icon.png Ghostblade Icon.png
First Sinner
Lola van Dyrch
Second Sinner
Third Sinner
Galen Sunsword
Fourth Sinner
Fifth Sinner
Astar Icon.png
Sixth Sinner

Dwarven Kings[edit]

Created by Thor, the 12 Dwarven Kings ruled over all Dwarves, with Bruce Willakers being the King of all Dwarves. Over time, many have died, with few of the original kings being left.

Dwarven Kings
Bruce Willakers Icon.png King Dundinborough Icon.png King Akers King Midas
King of
all Dwarves

Bruce Willakers
King Akers King Midas

Minor Organizations[edit]

Bei Mei Xhir't's Assassins[edit]

Assassins trained and employed by Bei Mei Xhir't

Bei Mei's Assassins
Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Ghostblade Icon.png Miles Icon.png Gherkin Icon.png Nesbin Icon.png
Bei Mei
Ghostblade Miles Gherkin Nesbin
David Jerry Icon.png

Contestants of the Battle of the Bards[edit]

These are contestants of the Battle of the Bards competition.

Notable Members[edit]

Coe's Party[edit]

A group of adventurers following Coe as he engages on a quest, of which the goals are unknown.

Coe's Party
Coe Icon.png Kinney Boots Icon.png Roamin Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png
Coe Kinney
Roamin Phineas

Crew of the Bocoe[edit]

The main article for this organization is Crew of the Bocoe.
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles RadioactiveK.png
The New Crew RadioactiveK.png

A pirate crew under the leadership of Captain Merci that sail aboard a ship known as the Bocoe. They first appeared in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles, and were last seen being captured and split up by Virgo Sunsword and his crew. At the end of The New Crew, Rick Snot becomes the new captain. The current fate of the crew is unknown after the capture of their prison ship by Bopen's crew.

Merci Icon.png McCoy Icon.png Rick Snot Icon.png
Merci McCoy Rick Snot
Jakelad Icon.png Jo Krysstal Icon.png Kinney Boots Icon.png Octivias Icon.png Cain Icon.png
Jakelad Jo Krysstal Kinney Boots Octivias Cain
Marco Icon.png Polo Icon.png Maelstrom Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png Ladyir Icon.png
Marco ? Polo ? Maelstrom Phineas

Dundinborough Guards[edit]

The Dundinborough Guards are royal knights who were assigned to guard the Royal Family of Dundinborough. They were unable to stop an Ageless siege in which the royals were killed by Bopen the Skeleton King.

Royal Guards
Dyson Icon.png James Briggs Icon.png Jeanie Jaredson Icon.png Dai Icon.png Bearo Icon.png
Dyson James Briggs Jeanie Jaredson Dai Bearo
Buckles Royal Guard Trainee Royal Guard Trainee
Buckles Royal Guard
Royal Guard

SK Malone's Mercenaries[edit]

Slippery Knuckles Malone leads a group of mercenaries that appeared in The Blood Snake Queen, who are paid to hunt and kill.

Slippery Knuckles Malone Icon.png
Slippery Knuckles
Belladona von Feingart Icon.png Dob Icon.png Emit Crank Icon.png
von Feingart
Dob ? Emit Crank

The Brothers Flannigan[edit]

The Brothers Flannigan is a group of musicians that attempted to climb The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. One of their members, Reesi Gandolin, fell into lava whilst traveling up the tower.

Buford Flannigan Icon.png Joaquim Flannigan Icon.png Reesi Gandolin Icon.png
Buford Flannigan Joaquim
Reesi Gandolin

The Future Winners[edit]

Battle of the Bards RadioactiveK.png

The Future Winners are a traveling band of bards that participated in the Battle of the Bards show. The leader of this band is Lance "Tone Deaf" Briggs.

Lance Briggs Icon.png
Lance Briggs
Duncan Icon.png Gear Man Icon.png Popo Icon.png Vanessa Squishwitz Icon.png Sandy
Duncan Gear Man Popo Vanessa

The Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

Okagnoma Guild Hall RadioactiveK.png
The main article for this organizations is Okagnoma Guild Hall.

The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a college in Okagnoma for Gnomes to learn magic, that appeared in the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign.

Professor Duncan Professor Islantee Professor Nisovin Professor Spydly Spyderson
Duncan Islantee Nisovin Spydly
Buzz Dinglefizz Icon.png Lola van Drych Icon.png Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Icon.png Thomas Icon.png Steve I
Lola van
Suzanna Sophia
Thomas Steve I
Bernardo Fabioso Bertha Marie Finicky Doolips Jezebel Cake Jonathan Blant
Bertha Marie Finicky Doolips Jezebel Cake Jonathan Blant
Luma Pie Reggie Feverbottom Robbie "Rob" Bobertson
Luma Pie Reggie
Robbie "Rob"

The Sandbolds[edit]

The Sandbolds are watchers of time, originally tasked by Sun Dragon God Phanto to monitor any disturbances in time magic. Even after their master had died, they continued their work, recruiting new members, even of other races, into the cult located in the Final Talon. The main cult of the Sandbolds was dispersed after Maelstrom took his revenge.

Talee Icon.png Varik Icon.png Tien Icon.png McCarrot Smith Icon.png Liv
Talee Varik Tien McCarrot Smith Liv
Danzen Icon.png Ralph Icon.png Yohan Icon.png Vanessa Squishwitz Icon.png Maelstrom Icon.png
Danzen Ralph Yohan Vanessa

The Unseen Rogues[edit]

The Unseen Rogues are a gang of Dwarves lead by Pit Boss Dragonfire Omally. The Unseen Rogues operate in a Dwarven city by using fear of death as motivation throughout the city. They also use the city's museums as fronts for their operations, stashing gold behind paintings and storing it as valuable artefacts such as vases. The Monks in Kobold Headhunters were said to be followers of Omally, so it can be assumed that they were also members of the Unseen Rogues.

Pit Boss
Omally Icon.png
Gang Members
Chase Lester Squinks Icon.png Wallace Windo
Chase Lester Squinks Wallace Windo

Unnamed Members[edit]

  • 4 Dwarven Guards
  • 3 Kobold Monks
  • 5 Deceased Dwarven Guards

The Murder Bros[edit]

The Murder Bros Sixelona.png
The main article for this organization is The Murder Bros.

The Murder Bros are a gang lead by Chimera and Empusa. The Murder Brothers were originally an all Kobold gang but have recently been allowing other races to join their gang. They are famous for leaving no survivors after fights.

Gang Leaders
Chimera Icon.png Empusa Icon.png
Chimera Empusa
Gang Members
Borracho Icon.png Bubs Icon.png Conner Icon.png Johnny Feo Icon.png Orvan Weiss Icon.png
Borracho Bubs Conner Johnny Feo Orvan Weiss
Tubs Icon.png
Orvan Weiss’ Cartel
Cocoa Mocho Roko Tuco Taco
Cocoa Mocho Roko Tuco Taco

Unnamed Members[edit]

The Woodcarvers[edit]

Woodcarvers RadioactiveK.png

The Woodcarvers are a group of lumberjacks that live in Waldon, who set out to destroy a harmful fungus in the nearby forest in Woodcarvers.

Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Michael Langstrom Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Icon.png
Jormr Michael
Vitali Zankovich

Whirlwind Brothers[edit]

Whirlwind Brothers
Whirlwind Brother Whirlwind Brother Kobold Boss Philhipe Icon.png
Whirlwind Brother Whirlwind Brother Kobold Boss Philhipé