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The Lumberjack class of Unforgotten Realms Live uses direct combat that packs a serious punch. The Lumberjack's skill set excels in both large and single-target fights, with Earthquake and Yodel acting as fantastic crowd control and Mount having various uses. Lumberjacks may sleep all night and work all day, but enemies best not get in their way.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +5
Lumberjacks start with 1000 gold. Lumberjacks start with a Pristine Woodcutters Axe. Lumberjacks may select a Beast companion at character creation from a random selection of three.
Earthquake Yes 10 Combat 3
The Lumberjack slams the blunt of his axe down into the ground and causes tremors to rip the earth apart. Select up to 6 squares in a 10 block radius to become rocky terrain, preventing targets from moving past them in a single move. If you select a square with a target already on it, the target will take 3 damage instead.
Mount Yes 1
Climb on top of a target and attempt to dominate it. If successful you now play for the target on their turns. They can attempt to throw you off each turn. On your turns, you must roll to attempt to move with whatever you mounted.
Paincakes 5 1
Throw a stale pancake at a target and deal 3 damage. You experience in great northern tradition of pancake tossing allows you to try to bank the pancake off as many targets as you like until you fail a roll. Failing a roll however will force you to take 1 damage for the number of bounces you went for.
Woodland Companion 3
Summon a Woodland Companion to your side as a pet. Your pet deals 3 damage. You must name your pet and not disrespect it or it will leave you forever. The creature who will be your Woodland Companion is determined at character creation.
Yodel Yes 10 Yes Round 1
Release a powerful yodel in a direction that dazes targets making them less likely to hit with their attacks. The sound waves of the yodel are so powerful, it is possible to bank them off walls and knock small objects over.

Notable Lumberjacks


  • This class is a reference to the original Unforgotten Realms created by Robert Moran.
  • The Lumberjack Class, while available, was not chosen in the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign.