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* [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-02024-passive-emeraldofpersistence Emerald of Persistence]
* [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-02024-passive-emeraldofpersistence Emerald of Persistence]
* [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-02027-passive-giantsblood Giants Blood]
* [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-02027-passive-giantsblood Giants Blood]
* Infected with [http://urealms.com/cards#boss-e4-seedofdespair Seed of Despair]
===Berserker Abilities===
===Berserker Abilities===

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Lunk DOD Puppet.png
Race Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Berserker
Gender Male
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance Den of Devils

Lunk is a Colossal Keen Gnome Berserker played by Coestar in the Den of Devils campaign. Lunk is a large Gnome who values strength and to become stronger, when he was hired by Nisovin to help steal some Dragon Eggs from a Dragon Den, Lunk quickly joined for the opportunity to fight a Whelpling. He was the last to escape the Den in Zelfatar, and in doing so was marked by a Sin.



Lunk Bearzerk DOD Puppet.png

Lunk is large for a gnome (due to being Colossal and having Giants Blood), being the size of a regular dwarf. Lunk has freckles and short blond hair. Lunk is very muscular and has a hairy chest with a belt going across it.


Lunk is a fighter, always wanting to test his strength with the next challenge to get stronger and stronger.


Powers & Abilities


Berserker Abilities

Monk Abilities











Den of Devils


When trying to get up the cliff edge to the portal, Lunk is found to be too heavy to be pulled up. When Nisovin attempts to pull him up with a Wormhole, everyone BUT Lunk are pulled through the portal. Fire is breathed from all directions, killing Lunk... or that would be how it would have went. Time rewinds back to before the fire was breathed by the dragons, as Lunk is pulled through the portal to witness his death as he goes through the portal. As when he finishes seeing his death, a mark appears like a cut that has bled through his skin on his wrist. A mark representing a Sin of the Unforgotten.


  • Lunk is possibly derived from the word Lunkhead, meaning someone who is strong but unintelligent.
    • Lunk's name is also likely a reference to Link from the Legend of Zelda.
    • Lunk definitely fits the strong title but not too much on the unintelligent part.
  • Lunk's original puppet looks suspiciously like He-Man from He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.
  • Lunk is the 2nd Character to commit a Sin of the Unforgotten.