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Maelstrom RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class unknown
Gender Male
  • Unnamed Brother
Alias Patches Mc'One-Eye
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The New Crew

Maelstrom is a character first introduced in The New Crew campaign. Maelstrom has an insane personality, known for murdering his enemies in brutal ways. Much of this character is unknown, because his persona was never elaborated on after he allegedly murdered Jo Krysstal.



Maelstrom is a male Kobold with brown rock fur, a single green right eye and a scarred left eye with a mysterious red gem embedded in the socket. He wears a dark grey v-neck tank top, shorts, and a hat with a golden earring in his right ear. Over these, he wears a brown belt, a large red belt across his torso with an oval gold buckle, and a red flowing cape that covers most of his left side. Notably, he keeps his scarred eye covered with a black eyepatch.


Maelstrom is shown to be extremely hostile and manipulative, planning a mutiny with Jo Krysstal after only recently joining the crew of the Bocoe. He shows particular sensitivity about his missing eye, growing visibly hostile whenever it is referenced. He potentially murders Jo Krysstal after the crew of the Bocoe gathers to sing a round of "Fuck the Kobolds", which he takes as a slight at his lack of an eye given the verse "Fuck the Kobolds, fuck them in the eye."


Jo Krysstal

Maelstrom tries to recruit Jo to his mutiny on the grounds that being the only two Kobolds left on a ship where their kind is detested. However when Jo hesitates, his jocular nature turns to fury. Threatening him with death and revealing his enchanted eye. Later Jo partakes in a chorus of "Fuck the Kobolds", which enrages Maelstrom. When he sees that McCoy left them stranded in Laeyuleaugh, he realizes a mutiny is no longer possible. Enraged by this turn of events and Jo partaking in the offensive chanty, he gouges Jo's eye out and leaves him for dead.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fortunately Unfortunate
  • Tri Wielding
  • Immunity to Rabies
  • Maelstrom has an unknown ability to cause pain in a person by having them stare into his damaged eye.
  • Maelstrom also has a prehensile tongue that is strong and flexible enough to catch a gold coin in the air.

Sorcerer Abilities




  • Lasso: Stolen
  • Billy Club: Stolen
  • Whip: Stolen
  • Steak of Unknown Origin (2): Given to Cain



The New Crew

Maelstrom seemed at first to be a pretty normal Kobold, but progressively throughout the campaign he showed that he was much darker than he came off to the rest of the crew, being very brutal when using means of intimidation, and combat style. While on the Bocoe, he displayed notions of wanting to start a mutiny aboard the ship to Jo Krysstal, but that plan fell through. Maelstrom reveals to Jo that underneath his eyepatch, he hides a missing eye, which has been replaced with a red gem that has a glowing aura of darkness that he uses to intimidate his foes. Later on, in Laeyuleaugh, after the rest of the crew left, Maelstrom brutally strangled and presumably killed Jo Krysstal, due to Jo singing Jakelad's "Fuck the Kobolds", which Maelstrom took great offence to, due to the line "Fuck the Kobolds, Fuck em in the eye".


The fate of Maelstrom is currently unknown, for his fate was left at a cliffhanger after he seemingly killed Jo Krysstal, and abandoned by McCoy.

Original Unforgotten Realms Cartoon

Maelstrom was first featured in Rob's old cartoon, Unforgotten Realms. Though, as stated by Rob, the Maelstrom in this world is "different from the other Maelstrom".


  • Maelstrom was actually an original character from Rob's old cartoon show, Unforgotten Realms. In the show, Maelstrom is half Kobold, half Ogre, but that is not yet a confirmed characteristic of Maelstrom in Unforgotten Realms Live.
    • Maelstrom also spoke in rhyme most of the time in the cartoon. This trait has (sadly) not been carried over.
  • Maelstrom mentioned that he had a powerful brother who is locked in the Silvermine Mountains. The most likely candidate is Chimera.
    • There is also a theory that Maelstrom is the older brother of Unter and Gunter, due to both Unter and Maesltrom using the term 'Murder Bros'.
  • Maelstrom was brought on via a donation event in his first appearance in The New Crew.