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Welcome to the URealms Live Wiki!

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URealms Live was an organized live group show created by Robert Moran. It was a show centered around the many different characters in the URealms universe and told through the use of a tabletop role-playing game in the same vein as Dungeons & Dragons, with a focus on humor. It was hosted on

This wiki is made by fans for fans! Not all the information here on the wiki is 100% accurate as it is not all personally reviewed by Rob or the URealms team.

With 710 articles and counting.

The Show

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The Cast

Rob Roamin DeadBones Coestar
Millbee Spiff Nisovin Justin


  • October 14, 2019: Rob has sadly announced that URealms Live has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. DeadRealms shows may still happen at times, and the URealms Season 4 Tabletop Simulator mod, and physical release are supposedly still in the works, but for now, URealms Live is finished.

Featured Character

Thanks for watching!

The End

If you missed it, Rob announced on his Major Career Announcement Stream on the 14th of October 2019 that URealms Live would be coming to a close, but may come back eventually. We would like to thank everyone for watching and for contributing to the wiki over the past few years.


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