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StatusDeceased (Killed by Bopen)
AliasPorc McCoy, Monsieur Piggy
Campaigns The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
SeasonsSeason One

First Mate McCoy is a Bone Tusk Porc Swashbuckler who is a crew member on the Bocoe during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles and The New Crew, portrayed by Roamin. McCoy is the First Mate and helmsman to the pirate ship Bocoe, serving under at least two captains. He was recently captured by Virgo Sunsword, but when the Grand Paladin's ship was taken over by Bopen the Skeleton King, it is unknown what happened to him



McCoy is a male Porc with a very muscular figure, grey eyes and yellow tusks. Most notably, McCoy lost his original right arm to Cothlin the Behemoth, but in turn gained his own extendable purple tentacle arm. McCoy wore a white v-neck with the right sleeve torn, brown belt, and tattered maroon pants. On his back, McCoy carried a brown backpack with a compass pinned to the left strap.


McCoy is loyal and honest, has great respect for Captain Merci, and always follows his orders. Despite this, he has somewhat of a hard time paying attention to steering the ship. Very group-orientated, he focuses less on himself and more on the crew. He is very educated on sea matters, the goings-on of the ship, and is the trusty adviser of Captain Merci. He is somewhat intelligent; as an educated porc, he is able to read and appreciate books.


He is close to Captain Merci due to traveling with him for many years and also due to his position as first mate.

Character Inventory

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Porc}]
  • [{Class / Swashbuckler}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Scavenger}]
  • [{Attribute / Deformed}]


  • [{Companion Passive / Promotion}] (Merci)
  • [{Passive / Flexible Limbs}]


  • [{Companion Ability / All Hands on Deck}] (Merci)
  • [{Companion Ability / First Mate}] (Merci)
  • [{Swashbuckler / Lunge}]
  • [{Swashbuckler / Smokescreen Pistol}]
  • [{Swashbuckler / Parry}]
  • [{Warrior / Charge}]

Former Abilities


  • [{Weapon / Blood Drinker}]
  • [{Weapon / Cutlass}]

Former Belongings

  • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]
  • Ball
  • Compass
  • Elaphelk Skin Backpack
  • Sextant
  • Flintlock Pistol



Cooper is a Pot Puppy that appeared in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles and The New Crew. Cooper is the pet of McCoy after he and the crew of the Bocoe saved him and his siblings from the Dingo Isles.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Cooper and his two siblings were found being held above the incendiary room in the ancient temple of the Dingo Isles by a group of Skeletons. It is unknown how they arrived to the island or how they managed to survive to that point.

The New Crew

Companion Inventory

  • [{Companion / Pot Puppy}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Phoenix Fire}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Beg}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Roll Over}]
Pot Puppy JDI.png
RacePot Puppy
Capable of SpeechNo



McCoy was "rescued" by Captain Merci from an elven farm. After becoming sentient he swore to never go back under elven control. McCoy then served under the sails of the Bocoe for at least two captains, most recently serving under Merci. Merci and McCoy had sailed for many years, leading to mutual respect. This allowed McCoy to serve unquestionably under the power of Merci, but also for Merci to allow McCoy to serve as his first mate.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

During the voyage to the Dingo Isles, McCoy had his right arm ripped off by the Behemoth. However, as a blessing/curse from The Cult of Bones, he is subsequently given a tentacle-like arm that has elastic properties and can never miss. All McCoy remembers of the incident is a bright light and a flashback of him as a boy. In it, his grandfather beat him in the arm with a shovel as punishment for taking a drink from a stranger. McCoy, as well as the rest of the crew, starts to break off from Captain Merci's complete control as they enter the Dingo Isles, when they are faced with watching puppies burn while trapped in a grill.

After escaping the grill of death, the group enters a room which contains the gem. After using his superb navigational skills, McCoy realizes that only one with a pure heart can retrieve the gem. Therefore, he is sent by Captain Merci to retrieve it. After he grabs it, he along with the puppy in his bag leave to return it to Nisovin.

The New Crew

McCoy remains the first mate and navigator aboard the Bocoe. He has taught his pot puppy Cooper to sail the ship, and even play fetch by jumping off the boat before being pulled up by his tentacle. Captain Merci appoints him in charge of finding new blood. He turns down an Elf, Ladyir, and what appears to be Nessie, before accepting Cain, Marco, Polo, Maelstrom,Bob, and Phineas. Aboard the ship, McCoy coins the name Patches Mc'One-Eye for Maelstrom, much to his chagrin. During the siege he kills many elves, decapitating a few with his tentacle. Cooper aids him in the battle, killing several others under order of McCoy, however McCoy realises that Cooper has lost a leg. After taking over the town, he has a conversation with Phineas regarding the importance of books. When Ladyir returns with the key, the party tells him that Merci has been taken, making him captain. McCoy responds to this by sailing into open waters and appointing Cooper as his first mate. The crew protests, but McCoy hears none of it. Virgo Sunsword's ship pulls alongside them. On board is Bob and Merci chained to the mast. McCoy sets his dog at the wheel so he can join the fray himself and delegates his men to keep the elves from boarding. Despite this Virgo leaps across the space between the ships. McCoy throws his Smokescreen at the insurgent in an attempt to confuse him. This does not work and Virgo proceeds to incapacitate Rick Snot. Seeing the fight go awry, he orders Cooper to ram the Bocoe into the enemy ship. He then boards the ship himself just as Marco and Polo release Merci. Merci tells McCoy that fighting is useless and if he doesn't surrender soon he'll have them all killed. McCoy realizes that they cannot win, causing him to surrender and call Cooper to his side.


McCoy, like most of the crew of the Bocoe, was arrested by the Sunswords. On their way to the Silvermine Mountains, however, the Sunsword Ship is attacked by a crew of Ageless under the command of Bopen, who successfully take over. It is unknown what happens to McCoy, or any of the other ex-members of the Bocoe.


  • McCoy excels at parrying.
  • While his right arm is a tentacle, it looks like a normal arm at times to others due to a magical enchantment.
  • He is second highest in command of the Bocoe behind Captain Merci.
  • He is an avid reader of books about old family members.
  • McCoy is a lover of Pot Puppies. He has a Pot Puppy named Cooper.
  • McCoy is ticklish.
  • McCoy has some relation to The Cult of Bones, as he received his tentacle arm from their Gods while fighting Colin the Behemoth. What this relation is is unknown.
  • McCoy is the only player character from The Jewel of the Dingo Isles whose portrait is not featured on the cards of his respective class in Seasons 2 and 3.