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Captain Merci

Merci RadioactiveK.png
Race Porc
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Buccaneer
Gender Male
Affiliations Pirate Captain of the Bocoe
Alias Captain
Status Alive (Possibly imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains)
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
"Weigh anchor, boys!"
— Captain Merci

Captain Merci is a Gravehoof Porc Buccaneer who is captain of the Bocoe, portrayed by Coestar during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign.



Merci is a male Porc with a muscular figure, blue beady eyes, yellow tusks and brown mutton chops and goatee. He wears a sleeveless button up white shirt, blue pants, a loose fitting brown belt with a golden buckle, and a black pirate hat with a large blue feather from an unknown creature on it. Most notably, Merci wears the skin of his former Captain as a cape as a show of power. Merci carries around with him a large black anchor (presumably made out of cast iron) with a golden chain and a small lantern with a fire sprite living inside, created from his own blood.


Merci is a natural born leader who demands respect and admiration from his crew, especially using his fantastic mutton chops and Porc Skin Armor. He is very straightforward and always trying to think ahead, and tries to get his crew through thick and thin without a hitch. He always stays calm and collected and never lets the situation get to his head in the heat of battle. However, he does show some favoritism towards the Porcs of his group over the Kobolds.


By wearing the skin of a dead Porc, Merci strikes fear and awe into his crewmates. He is seen as a figure of respect by both the Porcs and Kobolds alike.

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Buccaneer Abilities










Like all Porcs, Merci was once a simple pig that entered a pit of mysterious purple liquid and emerged as a Porc. He later became a pirate unlike many Porcs who live in packs in caves.

At some point during his career as a pirate, Merci murdered the original captain of the Bocoe. Merci fashioned the former captain's skin into a set of armor that he uses to further intimidate his crew. After getting to know McCoy, they eventually got over the hurdle of his armor creating a bond. This led to Merci promoting McCoy to First Mate.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

After receiving a map from Nisovin, he heads off on an adventure to the Dingo Isles to retrieve a gem. He shoves off right away and sleeps for the first 13 days of the journey, but is awoken shortly before a group of Harpies and an EagleBear raid the ship in search of fish yogurt. His ship suffers some heavy damage during a fight with the Behemoth, losing the front port-side cannon. He is almost dragged to a watery death by one of its tentacles, while a crew member, Jakelad, betrays the crew and is killed. He starts to feel the heat when on the Isles in a temple, trying to rescue Pot Puppies from the flames of a room-sized grill. The stress and flames prove to be a little too much, as he struggles to get his crew to follow his orders and get anything coordinated done. At this moment, he loses some of his authority to the possibility of the puppies dying, or of the crew being trapped in a grill.

After escaping the grill of death, Merci sends McCoy to retrieve the gem while he hangs back with the rest of the crew. Afterwards, he leaves with his crew, and one can assume that they give the gem to Nisovin and determine its worth.

The New Crew

Merci returns to Nisovin, and is given the job to steal a key from the elf resort of Laeyuleaugh. To help, Nisovin sends his apprentice Rick Snot to help. They then go to recruit new crew members at a local tavern. while he leaves McCoy to recruit new members, Kinney Boots quits saying that she cannot stand the number of Porcs, Elves and Goblins on board any longer. On the ship, he discovers the stowaway Ladyir after his hand was eaten by Cain. While the others play a rousing game of Unforgotten Realms he stays below to talk with Octivias.

During the siege of Laeyuleaugh, McCoy catches a Gnome off guard and kills those he alerts. He then sets his sights on the manor. After a brief fight with Fenrus the crew fled the scene leaving Merci in the hands of the Sun Clerics. Later in the campaign he is seen aboard Virgo Sunsword's ship, tied to the mast. When Marco & Polo untie him he refuses to run. When McCoy tries to save him Merci explains that they must surrender or they will all be killed. Eventually he convinces him, and his crew surrenders.


Merci is captured by the Sunswords on Laeyuleaugh after failing to jump on Cain's back as he charged out of the Sunsword Manor. He, along with most of his crew, are arrested and sent to the Silvermine Mountains. It is unknown if he was in the Silvermine Mountains when they collapsed after the The Ageless One was awoken.


  • Continuing on with Coe's theme of words in foreign languages, merci means thank you in french.
  • Kinney Boots and Captain Merci are implied to have a sexual affair. Kinney's coat was in Merci's room while he was "sleeping" for 13 days. This is further suggested by Kinney's enthusiasm over being Buckle Buddies with Merci.
  • Merci had an unnamed Pot Puppy who died at some point in time between The Jewel of the Dingo Isles and The New Crew.