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Mermaid Tile.jpg
Race Mermaid
Hostile Yes
Capable of Speech No
First Appearance The Senate of Deadlantis

Mermaids are aquatic humanoids with the tails of fish that absorb the life force of those who fall prey to them, which converts their victims into Ageless. So far, only female Mermaids have been seen, and they have also been seen to have a skeletal form, like regular Ageless.


The Skeleton King

While recruiting new crew members for Bopen, the players are approached by an NPC named Fat Frank. He claimed to have been transformed by a mermaid into an Ageless at a very young age.

The Senate of Deadlantis

A swarm of Mermaids attack the Elves when they fall into the ocean, as they try to escape Than'drellfal after the Birth of Magic. They drain their lives, turning them into some of the first Ageless in the Realm.


Notable Examples