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Race Gnome
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Affiliations Unknown

Apprentice: Rick Snot

Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign

Nisovin is a Keen Gnome Wizard who is known to be very powerful. He is often seen giving out tasks to various groups of people with the intention of retrieving an artifact of some importance. It is currently unknown what he desires these objects for. His current whereabouts are unknown.



Nisovin BOT Puppet.png

Nisovin is a male Keen Gnome, with tanned skin, bright teal eyes, and a white beard and mustache combed in an elegant swirl. He wears a blue wizards cap with his goggle-like Gnomish Spectacles sitting on the brim of the hat, he wears a black shirt with large gold buttons on the front of it, blue pants, black boots with golden buckles, and brown gloves with golden buckles. Over his shirt, Nisovin wears a long blue Runecoat with dark yellow accents and two large shoulder pads with a blue glowing center. He is often seen carrying his Wand of Limited Possibilities, which is a long wand with a rainbow color scheme.

Powers and Abilities


Wizard Abilities

Sorcerer Abilities

Magician Abilities







Not much is known about Nisovin's past, other than, at one point, he had some altercations with the Monkey Fish King that lead to some mistrust. He also gained an apprentice at an unknown time or means.

Roamin's Band of Thieves

Nisovin was first seen in his home discussing a job to Yumi and her band of thieves (Squinks, Gracias, and Bumbley). The job is to steal an orange key from a group of Elves, most notably Gwyneth Sunsword. After much discussion with the group, Nisovin advises them to be careful and attempt to sneak into Gwyneth's house to retrieve the key. The job is failed when a battle between the thieves and Elves causes the group to flee in different directions. It is unknown what Nisovin had plans for the key, nor is it known what his reactions are.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Nisovin hired the Crew of the Bocoe for a job, to retrieve a special jewel that rests in the Dingo Isles. After roughly 14 days, the crew manages to locate and retrieve the mystical jewel and sailed back to Nisovin. They briefly discuss turning on Nisovin, but it was later revealed that they decided to give him the jewel and take another job.

The New Crew

After retrieving the Jewel, Nisovin rehires the crew of the Bocoe to, again, retrieve an orange Key from The Sunswords Military vacation home on Laeyuleaugh. This time he sends his apprentice, Rick Snot, to accompany the crew. After a lengthy process, the crew manages to retrieve the key, but is stopped dead in the water by Virgo Sunsword. He takes most of the crew captive to be sent to the Silvermine Mountains. Rick Snot, Marco and Polo are the only members of the crew left on the boat. It is unknown if Nisovin ever got Rick back, or if he ever got the key.

Okagnoma Guild Hall


  • Nisovin is inspired by a friend of Rob's, and Buffalo Wizard, who goes by the name of Nisovin.
  • Rob has previously played different interpretations of the character Nisovin in his other works, such as Dwarves vs. Zombies and Lords of Minecraft.
    • In these two other universes, Nisovin is still a powerful Gnome wizard, but is often attempting to experiment on various living subjects.
  • Nisovin is the character featured on the Wizard Class cards.
  • In the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign, Nisovin appeared, but this was heavily hinted to be a Believer, it was also hinted that the real Nisovin had died prior to the campaign, having been exploded by dragon magic.