Nisovin (Person)

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Real NameUnknown
RoleGuest Player
AffiliationBuffalo Wizards
FirstMurder Bros
This article is about the person, if you are looking for the character, see: Nisovin

Nisovin is a member of the Buffalo Wizards and long time associate and friend of Rob. Nisovin is a skilled developer having created the URealms website and is currently working on the development of the Unforgotten Quest game. Nisovin appeared as a guest player in the Season Two campaign Murder Bros as the stand-in for Roamin. The NPC, Nisovin, is based off of the character that Nisovin channels.


Season Two
Johnny Feo Icon.png
Johnny Feo


  • Nisovin is a Playable hero in the game Dwarves vs. Zombies as well as a lord in Lords of Minecraft.
  • Nisovin made his first appearance in the 3rd Season Two Campaign, Murder Bros. He is potentially going to make another appearance in the 7th Season Two Campaign.
  • Nisovin has probably the worst luck when it comes to rolling the dice. In the third campaign he broke the record for the most 1's half way through the campaign. Later, he managed to roll 1, three times in a row.
  • Due to his ridiculous bad luck, chat started calling him "N1".