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This article is about the Player. For the Character, see Nisovin.

Player ProfileNisovin
Real NameUnknown
AppearancesURealms Live
FirstMurder Bros
SeasonsSeason Two Season Three
"The guy you really should be thanking for this show."
— Nisovin's ending credit for Season 2.

Nisovin is a member of the Buffalo Wizards and long time associate and friend of Rob. Nisovin is a skilled developer having created the URealms website. Nisovin appeared as a guest player in the Season Two campaign Murder Bros as the stand-in for Roamin and later in the Buckeroos campaign, the follow up to Murder Bros. The NPC, Nisovin, is based off of the character that Nisovin channels.


Season Two
Johnny Feo Icon.png Lann McRoberts Icon.png
Johnny Feo Lann McRoberts
Season Three
Nisovin Icon.png Veseran Icon.png
Nisovin Veseran

Meta Character Inventory[edit]

Current Meta Cards[edit]

  • [{Meta / History Expert}]

Former Meta Cards[edit]

  • None Currently


  • Nisovin was a Playable hero in the game Dwarves vs. Zombies as well as a lord in Lords of Minecraft.
  • Nisovin made his first appearance in the 3rd Season Two Campaign, Murder Bros.
  • Nisovin has probably the worst luck when it comes to rolling the dice. In the third campaign he broke the record for the most 1's half way through the campaign. Later, he managed to roll 1, three times in a row.
  • Due to his ridiculous bad luck, chat started calling him "N1" and "N1sov1n".
  • Nisovin developed the minecraft plugin, magic spells, and Rob used this plugin for his minecraft games, and they met through this plugin.
  • In Puppet Pals, when one of Nisovin's Characters is knocked down in combat, his expressionless puppet drops with a speech bubble coming out of his mouth that reads 'This is fine.' in Elven.
    • This is in reference to Nisovin's first appearance in Murder Bros, where his puppet remained expressionless even when faced with a Death Roll. This lead to Rob not adding any additional emotions for him, to keep this joke intact.