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Noxel RadioactiveK.png
Race Kobold
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Berserker
Gender Male
  • Nox
  • Sir Noxel
Status Alive
Portrayed By Roamin
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters
"Now the first thing about being a berserker: some people are born into it, some people can learn it."
— Noxel

Noxel, otherwise known as Nox, is a Triton Ground Kobold Berserker, played by Roamin in the Kobold Headhunters campaign.



Noxel is a male Kobold with brown rock-like fur and grey eyes. He wears a yellow straw hat with a red band on it, a pair of denim overalls that are slightly damaged and have the pants legs rolled up. He wears a brown belt with a red and grey belt buckle that holds his twin Scimitars. Noxel also has a single piece of straw that he keeps in his mouth, which he claims comes from a good brand. He lost his left ring finger when he accidently cut himself with a scimitar.


Noxel very much enjoys his job as a headhunter, being extremely eager to go out and decapitate anything he comes across, particularly wolves. Outside of combat, he enjoys being very free, choosing to strip down out of his clothing when relaxing and openingly relieving himself near pools of water.


Kopie Ren

Noxel and Kopie are very close, often appearing near each other and acting very similar. Kopie would often seek Noxel's advice and opinions on situations, which she would always side with. Their relationship often confuses the other members of the party, often leaving them asking if they are in a physical relationship or are related in some way.

Unnamed Squire

An unnamed Gobolf claimed to be Noxel's biggest fan, and was eventually turned into his squire.

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Berserker Abilities








Not much is known about where he came from except that he is extremely good at what he does. He has even been interviewed and appeared on the cover of Berserker Monthly on several occasions.

Kobold Headhunters

Noxel and Kopie Ren are first seen sitting by a fire discussing style tips with one another. They are stopped when Romulus enters the hut and asks them whether they want to go and hunt the wolf first, or if they want to fight a horde of Goblin bandits planning to attack the town. After much deliberation they decide to fight the goblins first. The goblins, having already set up shop in a nearby cave, begin to charge at the party upon seeing them enter. The group immediately rushes in and starts killing goblins; Noxel and Kopie both going Bearserk. Eventually, Burrito joins the fray as a goblin blows his horn for reinforcements. As he does this, Romulus' Vampire Locket begins to glow and he is replaced by Neena Brando. Neena immediately begins to turn the tide of the battle, using Lascene to move all the goblins around Noxel and Kopie, making it easier for them to mow them down. Jack Krysstal buckles himself to Noxel, but soon he is rendered unconscious, and a baby goblin renders Noxel unconscious as well.

Noxel wakes up in a kobold monastery, being dragged out of the fight by Romulus. Noxel and Kopie decide to rest up by bathing in a sacred lake near the temple. However, it is discovered that the monks are secretly agents of Pit Boss Omally, and after discovering Romulus' failed attempt to kill their leader, immediately engage the party in combat. However, they are dispatched quickly. A Gobolf then approaches Noxel, claiming to be his biggest fan and wishing to be his follower. Noxel isn't sure he wants him, but ends up taking him along as a "buckle slave" and lends him his extra scimitar, much to Kopie's irritation.

They return to the cave to find that the townspeople killed the goblins and apparently a Cow Frog that appeared while Noxel was unconscious. Jack lies, telling the townspeople that the party already killed the wolf, and receives the reward, but party tension continues. As the wolf is spotted, they negotiate for even more rewards, convincing the town folks that it is a different one. However, their path is blocked by a flock of Scrooges. Noxel and his assistant engage them first, cleaving through all but one with ease, who disarms his Dwarven Runeblade and calls in help. However, when the Scrooges start shooting Ray of Frost, the others come to assist, and, although Noxel loses a finger, and Kopie ends up killing the squire, the flock is defeated. Noxel requests that the squire is buried by her, but she ends up cooking it.

As the party rests, a giant Mushroom Trent appears and grabs Burrito. As the party talks, the Trent tosses Burito into Noxel, spews a gas, and turns Kopie into a mushroom before they finally charge in. After a long battle as the kobolds struggle to hit it, they eventually they defeat it, finding two Tambok Tickets. Kopie uses her Book of Faces to look like Noxel. Finally, they find the wolf, alone and surprisingly small. The party attacks, when suddenly the wolf howls and glows, as vines awaken around them. The wolf dashes at super speeds as the forest around it tries to grapple the group, but even though Noxel loses his ticket, they slay the wolf. Jack and Burrito try and get the wolf's head, but end up failing to convince Noxel to give up his trophy.


Noxel was last seen traveling with Kopie Ren to find Romulus' other grandfather.


  • According to Noxel, natural born Berserkers kill their mothers when they are born by ripping out of their womb when they are born.