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* [[Porc#Porc|Bloodboil]]
* [[Porc#Porc|Bloodboil]]
* [[Proc#Black Boar|Clawhoofs]]
* [[Porc#Black Boar|Clawhoofs]]
===Lumberjack Abilities===
===Lumberjack Abilities===
* [[Woodland Companion|Polly the Parrot]]
* [[Woodland Companion|Polly the Parrot]]

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Chef Octivias

Octivias RadioactiveK.png
Race Porc
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Lumberjack
Gender Male
Affiliations Chef of the Bocoe
Status Alive (Imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains)
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
"Want some Fish Soup?"
— Chef Octivias

Octivias is a Black Boar Porc Lumberjack who is part of Captain Merci's crew during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign.



Octivias is a male Porc with a hefty bodyshape, a black beard, black beady eyes, and yellow tusks, with the right one being broken. Octivias wears a blue pirate hat with a skeleton fish emblem on it, a red bandana, and a beige apron with several Fish Yogurt stains. Octivias also has a blue Gobo Fishing Net that he carries with him, along with a pot of Fish Yogurt or Fish Soup.



Notable Attributes

Octivias cannot swim in any way, shape, or form (partially due to his stubby arms) even though he is voyaging aboard a ship. Besides this, he is very good at making Fish Yogurt and fish soup. He can also lactate milk.

Powers & Abilities


Lumberjack Abilities







The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The New Crew


Octivias, like most of the crew of the Bocoe, was arrested by the Sunswords and sent to the Silvermine Mountains.


  • All he makes is Fish Yogurt and Fish Soup, though he was attempting to make the kobolds some form of cannonball-fish-milk.