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Chef Octivias

Octivias RadioactiveK.png
Race Porc
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Lumberjack
Gender Male
Affiliations Chef of the Bocoe
Status Alive (Possibly imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains)
Portrayed By Rob, Deadbones
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
"Want some Fish Yogurt?"
— Chef Octivias

Octivias is a Black Boar Porc Lumberjack who is part of Captain Merci's crew during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign and The New Crew campaign.



Octivias is a male Porc with a hefty bodyshape, a black beard, black beady eyes, and yellow tusks, with the right one being broken. Octivias wears a blue pirate hat with a skeleton fish emblem on it, a red bandana, and a beige apron with several Fish Yogurt stains. Octivias also has a blue Gobo Fishing Net that he carries with him, along with a pot of Fish Yogurt or Fish Soup.



Notable Attributes

Octivias cannot swim in any way, shape, or form (partially due to his stubby arms) even though he is voyaging aboard a ship. Besides this, he is very good at making Fish Yogurt and fish soup. He can also lactate milk.

Powers & Abilities


Lumberjack Abilities







The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Octivias is the chef on the Bocoe. He has been present since before Captain Merci overthrew the old Porc captain. He has been seen force feeding members of the Bocoe his fish yogurt. During the battle with the harpies he "fell" of the ship through one of the cannon holes. It is assumed that, due to his later betrayal, Jakelad threw him off without Octivias realizing. During the battle with Colin the Behemoth Octivias showed that he has no idea how to load a cannon and he was later thrown overboard as the last behemoth arm rocked the ship, where Kinney Boots could have tried to save him but instead spat on the dead body of Jakelad. He was then saved by McCoy's new Behemoth Arm. Once on The Dingo Isles he briefly tried to get McCoy to rip his arm off with his Behemoth Arm hoping to get one of his own. Merci quickly shot down this idea. Once inside the fire trap room, he kept hitting the door not caring about the Pot Puppies in danger. After the events with the giant skeleton, he stayed with the Bocoe till the end of the "New Crew" Campaign.

The New Crew

Between campaigns, Octivius acquired a pet parrot that he named Polly and affectionately kept in his mouth (the parrot despises this treatment however Octivias remains blissfully unaware of this). Since retrieving the Jewel of the Dingo Isles, Octivias' cooking had not improved whatsoever. This prompted Captain Merci, who was now sick of Fish Yogurt, to purchase new ingredients for stews and meals. But Octivias knew better than to trust "Spices" and "Meals other than Yogurt" and promptly tossed them overboard.) But when Merci found out that he had tossed rations overboard, he scolded him. Not wanting to displease the captain, he began to formulate new recipes of yogurt, suggesting a sample platter of Gnome, Dog, Elf, and Porc yogurt to McCoy. McCoy nixes using his dog in any recipe, however he does say he would be very much interested in trying the others on the menu. During the invasion of Laeyuleaugh, Octivias is told to stay and guard the ship. When the ship is assaulted by Virgo Sunsword and his Elves, he does not fire the cannon because McCoy did not tell him to. And When Bob tries to arrest him he puts up a fight, almost incapacitating him. That is until he mentions that he will be able to work in the kitchen in the Silvermine Mountains, he then surrenders without a fight.


Octivias, like most of the crew of the Bocoe, was arrested by the Sunswords and sent to the Silvermine Mountains. It is unknown if he was in the Silvermine Mountains when they collapsed after the The Ageless One was awoken.


  • All he makes is Fish Yogurt and Fish Soup, though he was attempting to make the kobolds some form of cannonball-fish-milk.
  • Only Black Boar to get knock-back easily.