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This is a selection of Quotes from Okagnoma Guild Hall.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "Pressure's on, this is just y'know, canon we'll have to use forever. You're basically creating dragons right now!"
- Rob warning Roamin to be careful about what he names Vlaurunga's children.

Buzz Dinglefizz[edit]

Lola van Drych[edit]

  • "Congratulations, you've started a cult!"
- Deadbones commenting on how Thomas created a Porc with the Herald of Bones attribute.
  • "You're getting beat up by clothes motha fucka!"
- Lola during the Dalfgan fight.
  • "This school... is fucked."
- Lola's response to discovering the Dalfgan fight was an illusion.

Suzanna Sophia Sorrella[edit]


  • "The first is Alexstruvuvuva..."
- Roamin mumbles a name as he struggles to think up a child of Vlaurunga.
  • "You've got a dude who's high on drugs with an evil sword, how long do you think that's going to last?"
- Roamin referring to the blood snakes' non-agression while Thomas is high on E.X.P.
  • "Don't smoke, do drugs."
- Thomas as he is about to encounter Dalfgan

NPC Quotes[edit]

Professor Islantee[edit]

Professor Spydly Spyderson[edit]


  • "WHY'RE YOU SO SAD???"
- When Alessa Stonemason comes out of the Silver Vampire Locket, and starts threatening the class.

Professor Duncan[edit]

  • "Have you been smoking the expizzles, my drizzles?"
- When he finds some E.X.P. under Thomas' nose.
  • "I would like to be inside a porc."
- When he says that he wants to dissect the students' porcs, and Lola tells him that he doesn't need to be inside something to learn about it.


  • "Thank you for letting me touch you, little boy."
- What Dalfgan says after fistbumping Buzz Dinglefizz.