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The Old Gods is a term used in URealms, originating in Unexpected Discovery in Season Two. It refers to the viewers of the URealms Live show, who watch and donate to the Supporter Events and vote on the Divine Decision during the show.


The Old Gods are described as existing before the Realms have existed and long after the Realms end. They are said to wield an absolute power, swaying and shaping the events of the Realms. Being a group of omnipotent beings, they have no physical existence in the world, and can be seen as even more powerful than the Sun Dragon Gods, who created the utopia that existed before the Birth of Magic.

Interaction with Characters

Very few characters are seen to be aware of the existence of the Old Gods. However, the Old Gods affect nearly every event seen during Campaigns by the use of Supporter Events. Through this, they shape the world, altering the story told about these characters. The largest known examples of the Old Gods affecting the Realms are the Birth of Magic--caused by their killing of Phanto--and the introduction of the Sins of the Unforgotten. Select few Old Gods are seen affecting large decisions, such as Gwyneth Sunsword becoming the next Grand Paladin in the Grand Paladin Order, or Bopen convincing the city of Deadlantis to go to war with the living. These decisions are called Divine Decisions.

List of Characters aware of the Old Gods


  • If you are reading this, you are an Old God!
  • The Voice in the Sky and the Players can be considered Old Gods in a way, but they are not usually referred to as such.