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Omally TUR Puppet.png
Name Omally
Race Dwarf
Stamina 80-100
Affiliations Unseen Rogues
Equipment Unknown
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance The Unseen Rogues

Omally, known as Pit Boss Dragonfire Omally, is a Tall Dwarf Monk and the leader of the Unseen Rogues, rival gang to the Unseen Band. He also has a tower of sorts that he stays in, which has a fire mechanism to deal with intruders, and owns multiple museums to hide his loot and gold from his gang business for later.



Omally is unusually large and strong for a Tall Dwarf.


He is a strict leader, choosing to kill 'rats' and showing little mercy to anyone.


He referenced having two wives and zero children.

Powers and Abilities


Despite being a Tall Dwarf, Omally can use an ability to take on a stone form.


Converts incoming damage into health.

Dragon Fire

Omally activates the mechanism in his tower, engulfing the entire room in flames.



He once killed a Kobold monk as evidenced by the Vampire Locket, having an unknown affiliation to him, although he may have been a rival or mentor to him.

It is implied that the monk Omally killed was Romulus' grandfather. If it is true then Omally also killed Romulus' Father, and Mother.

The Unseen Rogues

Omally appeared when Thea Mazing drank the vase's liquid in the museum and was move into his office. Offering Thea amazing to join the unseen rouges by telling her to kill Mona.