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Pattenborrow Threecircle

Pattenborrow Threecircle RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Male
  • Currently: His Family
  • Formerly: Paladin's Guild

Adopted Family

Old Family (deceased)

  • Unnamed Wife
  • Unnamed Daughter
  • Unnamed Son
Alias Pat, Dad, Cool Dad
Status A Spirit in Desnuttes
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat
"I Don't Think So!"
— Pattenborrow Threecircle

Pattenborrow Threecircle is a Paladin Elf that adopted 6 Goblins and raised them as his own in The Many Gobos of Pat campaign.



Pattenborrow is a male Spellblade Elf of below average height. He has pale skin, gold eyes and short light brown hair that is combed back. He wears a baggy cream shirt with yellow trim and stitching across the chest, dark brown pants and brown shoes. He also wears green robes with brown trim that go down to his knees, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.









Medusa / Heatherfol Threecircle


Pattenborrow and Willis were both members of the Paladin Order. When Medusa took over the minds of the non-elves, Pattenborrow left and was hunted by Willis and his group of dwarf paladins. In The Many Gobos of Pat, Willis finds Pattenborrow's secret home, and executes him in front of his goblin family.

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Paladin Abilities

Wizard Abilities

Sorcerer Abilities





Pattenborrow was once a member of the Paladin Order along with many others and had a loving wife, daughter and son. However once the Medusa took control over the minds of the dwarven Paladins, Pattenborrow's family died in a horrible fire while he was being hunted. Some time later he happened across a group of homeless goblins, Warren, Terrence, Desnuttes, Dankie, Madelyne and Pryor. With his initial hatred for the race gone, he decided to adopt them and create a new family.

The Many Gobos of Pat

Many years have passed since the adoption of Pat's new family, and Pat has taken to liking Desnuttes above the rest of his family. Often meditating and giving him personal training in secret. On the anniversary of the adoption, Pat gathered his family around and gave them each gifts. Gifting Madelyne a new Blunderbuss, Pryor a hug, Warren a claim to his special mace, and Dankie a Crystal Flatscreen. Pat left Dankie to play with his new present, while he meditated with Desnuttes. But while this happened, Pat had forgotten about the magical cookies that had been baking in the oven for Warren and Terrence, leaving them to burn in the oven. He came back down to see what he believed to be dwarven smut on the Crystal Flatscreen (which was actually K-4), and became furious, cancelling the rest of the presents and festivities.


After his home was broken into by dwarves, he was beheaded and killed by them. Pattenborrow's spirit fused with Desnuttes' as a result of the latter breaking the necklace he was given in his hand.