Percy Bast

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Percy Bast
Campaigns The Purge
SeasonsSeason Three

Percy Bast is a Sharpsword Keen played by Roamin in The Purge. Percy was a young man living with his mother in the town of Reldawin and was fascinated by the legend of his murderous father. He was the only living survivor to make it out of Reldawin alive, but was killed by Bopen the Skeleton King. In a desperation, Percy managed to render Bopen a pile of bones, but only moments later, Percy's bones rip out of his body and meld with the pile, reforming Bopen once more.



Percy is an extremely tall Keen, being described as eight feet tall, towering over most Elves. Percy has messy hair that falls on each side of his face, a soul patch, mutton chops, heavy stubble and a thin mustache. Percy's most notable physical attribute is the heavy acne that is covering his face. Percy wears a button up shirt, a dark tie and a suit jacket.


Percy was originally a more timid and shy young man who loved his mother greatly and idolized his father, whom he never met. Before the purge, he would often sneak out the Blood Stained Sword of his father's and practice his Sharpswordsmen technique, much to his mother's dismay. During the course of the Purge in Reldawin, Percy became conflicted with the beliefs of the Paladins and the recent lies his Ageless mother revealed to him. Once his mother died at the hands of a Paladin, Percy became more aloof and aggressive to the Paladins, further practicing his swordsmanship with vengeance against the Order in mind.

Notable Attributes

Percy is color blind, unable to see the color red.


Character Inventory

List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Keen}]
  • [{Class / Sharpsword}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Smith}]
  • [{Attribute / Famous}]


  • [{Passive / Flexible Limbs}]
  • [{Passive / Wiggly Wrench}]
  • [{Sharpsword / One's Sheath}]
  • [{Supplies / Diplomat}]
  • [{Supplies / Giant}]
  • [{Supplies / Mothers Gift}]


  • [{Monk / Wind Walk}]
  • [{Puppeteer / Shadowstep}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Bravado}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Chosen Ending}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Demonstration}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Sharpen}]
  • [{Thane / Thunderdome}]

Former Abilities


  • [{Sharpsword / One's Sword}]
  • [{Treasure / Invisibility Cloak}]
  • [{Legendary Item / Blood Stained Blade}]
  • [{Spell Scroll / Law of the Body}]

Former Belongings

  • [{Spell Scroll / Sleep}]



Percy was born to Lyssa Bast who told him his biological father was a currently unidentified Elven Sharpswordman, who was known for killing several Elves during the Birth of Magic in the city of Than'drellfal. With his alleged father leaving his mother, Lyssa raised him in the city of Reldawin.

The Purge


Percy's entire body was destroyed when Bopen reconstituted himself from Percy's bones.


  • Percy is colorblind and it swaps the colors red and green for him.