Phineas Barringster

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Phineas Barringster RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class None, becomes a Cabalist
Gender Male
Affiliations Templeton Barringster
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Phineas Barringster is a Noble Born Elf. He is the younger brother of Templeton Barringster VII, and the cousin of Xavius. Phineas is also the godson of Virgo Sunsword [1] (Introduced in The New Crew), who is the father of Gwyneth. He wishes to be a Cabalist like his older brother. He was introduced in Porc Hunters and was also in The Sunswords and is played by Rob.



Phineas is an elf that is smaller than his older brother. He has eyes that are a bit more rounder and have a slight gleam in them that reflects his young age and wishful spirit. Phineas shares the same hair style as Templeton, but is obscured by his crimson hat.

He wears a long sleeved red tunic that is accented by gold around the end of the sleeves. He has light red/pink leggins, brown boots and a brown belt. Phineas also wears a long red cape that is much too long, dragging on the ground slightly behind him.


Phineas is very enthusiastic, wanting to go on an adventure constantly. His older brother disapproves of this, saying that it is too dangerous every time Phineas wants to go out in the world. Phineas also has a fondness towards Gnomes, as shown by his actions towards Bob and by having three gnome servants in his household. He is, at first, sexist towards female elves, but later on becomes sexist towards male elves and strengthen his love towards gnomes under the influence of Dave's Love Staff. He also prefers the taste of Goblin Eyeballs, rather than the kidneys which what the rest of the elves prefer to eat. Phineas seems to know various abilities and information about the world, sometimes choosing to reveal them to others.

Phineas has a certain brutality to him, wanting to kill a Porc only to bring a skull back as a trophy in The Sunswords, ordering Bob (The only non-goblin-hating member of the team) to execute a goblin and even attempting to stab Kallark when he was down to become leader himself. This power-hungry, manipulative and sadistic side seems to be hidden most of the time, and Phineas appears to be a young, ambitious, lovable elf. However, he betrays his nature by the occasional misogynistic or violent comment. Phineas is a felinophobe.


Templeton Barringster VII

Templeton is the older brother of Phineas. He is very protective towards his younger brother, never wanting anything bad to happen to him he prevents Phineas from going on adventures. This upsets Phineas very much as, most likely due to his young age, he does not fully realize the potential dangers of an adventure. When Phineas ran off from his brother to fight the Porcs near his village, Templeton alerted Theta Squad to try and save his brother.

Bobby "Bob" Bobertson

Phineas is very fond of gnomes and therefore fond of Bob when they first met. Phineas patted Bob on the head, showing his friendliness, which led Bob to act friendly in return, not using his "tough guy" voice but rather his much softer voice.


Xavius is Phineas' cousin, he is much more lax compared to Templeton and encourages Phineas to be on an adventure rather than prevent. Xavius taught Phineas the Spell of bearding and let Dave teach Phineas the Spell of Shaving. He also gave his young cousin a Warp Blade that was found from Greeky's brother's dead body.

Virgo Sunsword

Virgo Sunsword is Phineas' godfather. He is a incredibly powerful elf, and is noted to not like porc's, as seen when he spits in Cain's face

Unnamed Mother

Phineas' mother creates elven sugar cookies that are not the most tastiest of cookies, Xavius for one does not like these cookies at all. However, her family still eats these cookies in battle to use their magical effects.

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Cabalist Abilities

Wizard Abilities

  • Fireball
    • Phineas fires out a simple fireball to harm his enemies. He can also use it to "shave" people's hair off.

Special Abilities

  • Spell of Bearding
    • Phineas knows the spell of bearding, but he cannot fully utilize is as he was not successful in creating a beard on Xavius.


Both Current and former






The Sunswords

In the The Sunswords campaign, Phineas brings Elven Sugar Cookies made by his mother to his cousin, Xavius. He ends up staying with Xavius and the group of Sunswords as they escort prisoners to the Silver Mine Mountains. Dave teaches him Fireball once he joins the group.

When the Sunswords come to a burning barn, Phineas watches the prisoner carriage, and moves it to safety.

When coming to a bridge with an Ogre preventing the Sunswords from crossing it, he is promoted to leader and has a series of mood and personality changes. He becomes sexually confused, wanting to be a female elf and having romantic feelings towards gnomes, and makes out with Bobby "Bob" Bobertson. He then instructs Bob to kill Greeky, the goblin prisoner. After Bob let Greeky escape and attempts to lie to Phineas about killing him, Phineas becomes very angry.

Porc Hunters

Phineas Barringster is the younger brother of Templeton Barringster VII. He wishes to be a Cabalist like his older brother and ran off to prove his worth. The Theta Squad went out to find him and rescue him. He was eventually knocked unconcious and put in a Porc holding cell for Porbo to eat. He eventually regained consciousness as Theta Squad was fighting Porbo.

The New Crew

Phineas Barringster is a young adult and has finished Cabalist school. Looking for work, Phineas finds work on the Bocoe as a new recruit. He has gone insane since he was last seen as he likes to sleep under a Blanket of Darkness, most likely contributing to his insanity. Phineas reunited for Bob and he developed a friendship with McCoy.


Phineas is arrested by the Sunswords, and sent back home to his parents.


  • Phineas occasionally gives hints and advice to the players by breaking the fourth wall.
  • Phineas was a last minute character, created just before the day of the Porc Hunters campaign.
  • His game piece lacks eyebrows and Phineas' Puppet has the exact same as Roamin's.
  • Phineas' Puppet's hat and elf ears are the same accessory. Therefore, when Phineas removes his hat in The Sunswords he also loses his ears.
  • Phineas is insane. This happened sometime between Porc Hunters and The New Crew. It is most likely caused by his own Blanket of Darkness.
    • Despite his insanity, Phineas still seems to be stable, and retains knowledge on his family and his current allies.