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Pig Irishxlilly.png
Race Pig
First Appearance The Blood Snake Queen

Pigs are terrible companions that are a burden to being along with you. If Pigs are thrown into a pool of Porc vomit, they themselves will also turn into a Porc.

Powers & Abilities

Companion Abilities

  • [{Companion / Pig}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Magically Plump}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Oink}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Roll Over}]


Porc Hunters

The first mentioning of Pigs came from a Porc outside Danevur in the nearby caves. The Porcs who were standing by a pit of Porc vomit told Theta Squad how Porcs were made, by throwing a pig into a pit of Porc vomit.

The Blood Snake Queen

Dob encountered a pig he believed to be his mother. The legitimacy of this claim cannot be verified.

Okagnoma Guild Hall

In professor Duncan's class students were each given a pig to throw into a puddle of porc vomit. Upon contact with the puddle the pig's instantaneously transformed into porcs. This is the second time porc creation has been seen.

Azveltara Z

Kohai Chan could transform into a pig due to being an [{Race / Azveltarian}] Elf. The pig Companion Passive was replaced with [{Companion Passive / Az Warrior}]. During the scene involving the purge of the Beenus Kohai's pig form is seen growing fangs and viciously attacking the birds. It is unknown if this applies to all pigs or just Kohai's Az form. Kohai's pig form could also seemingly sense danger although this was most likely caused by Old God intervention.