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A player is a participant of Unforgotten Realms Live, including the Game Master. Below is a list of players that have appeared in a campaign on the show.

Game Master

Rob has been the Game Master for all URealms Live campaigns so far. Deadbones has only appeared as a Game Master for URealms Side Quest.

DeadbonesGamePiece.png RobGamePiece.png
Deadbones Rob

Main Players

These players have appeared in every official campaign, and are involved in the development of each campaign and the show as a whole.

CoestarGamePiece.png DeadbonesGamePiece.png JustinGamePiece.png RoaminGamePiece.png RobGamePiece.png
Coestar Deadbones Justin Roamin Rob


These are players that have only appeared in pilot campaigns. Due to the current nature of the show, guests in the near future are unlikely. If any guests are introduced they will most likely be introduced in a URealms Side Quest. [1]

PauseUnpauseGamePiece.png ArinGamePiece.png JakeGamePiece.png Url logo.png Url logo.png
PauseUnpause Arin Jake Spyd Steve