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Porbo RadioactiveK.png
Name Porbo
Race Porc
Sub Race Bone Tusk
Stamina 100
Affiliations The Porcs
Equipment Bone Herald's Staff
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
Status Alive, last seen trapped in a Bewitching Mirror
First Appearance Porc Hunters

"Porbo is strong! Porbo want to be best Porc!"

— Porbo

Porbo is a Bone Tusk Porc, and the former leader of the Porcs located in the Danevur Porc Caves, first appearing in the Porc Hunters campaign.



Porbo is a very large porc. He has a very muscular build, with four spiked outgrowths on the top of his head, and long lower tusks. He has tribal tattoos on his shoulders and legs, and three gold piercings in his right ear. He wears only a tattered brown loin cloth, with a dark brown, worn large belt with a large gold buckle draped across his shoulder and chest.


Because of his power and strength, Porbo is considered the top porc in his cave. Because of his power, he is very egotistical and narcissistic, believing he is unbeatable, laughing at the thought of anyone even trying to challenge him.

Powers & Abilities



Enraged Form

  • Enlarge: When Porbo enrages, he grows in size, causing him to deal double damage.
  • Consume Porcs: Porbo gains the ability to consume a porc within melee range, healing him for 15 stamina.
  • Bone Spit: After consuming a porc, Porbo can spit their bones at a target as an Anytime, interrupting an action.




Porbo was once a simple porc, whose 'mother' (Mombo) happened to be "Porbo," an official title of the leaders of a group of porcs near Danevur. Eventually, Porbo came to be of an age where he sought to be the strongest porc in the group, by challenging and killing his 'mother.'

Porc Hunters

Porbo then took his title and began amassing his army of Porcs to aid him in battle against the Elves of Danevur. The elves took note of the increasing number of porcs, and decided to send Theta Squad, consisting of Captain Ca-Rell, Elmar, DeNada, and Templeton Barringster VII, to deal with the potential threat. Ca-Rell sought to offer Porbo a peace offering, but was refused and began a heated battle with Porbo's elite porcs and Skelephelks. Near the climax of the battle, Ca-Rell used a Flare inside of her fist to completely knock Porbo unconcious, and took his rank among the Porcs as the new Porbo.


DeNada used his Bewitching Mirror to trap the unconscious Porbo inside, and nearly took him out of the Danevur Porc Caves. However, DeNada tossed the mirror back into the cave, leaving Porbo's fate unknown.


  • When Coestar rolled to have DeNada throw the Bewitching Mirror back into the cave, he rolled a 20. What this means is still unknown.
  • Porbo was one of the options for the Season 1 finale. If fans had donated enough for his storyline to occur then the campaign would have been about elves defending the Silvermine Mountains from Porbo's army.
  • Porbo is the only purely enemy NPC to have official Radioactive_K character art.