Porc Hunters

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Season 1
Air Date: June 6th, 2015
Porc Hunters
Band of Thieves
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Porc Hunters was the second official campaign in URealms Live, in which a group of four Elves search for a runaway brother while preparing to defend their town from Porcs. It aired on June 6, 2015.



Character Race Class Player
Ca-Rell Icon.png Ca-Rell Elf Warrior Deadbones
DeNada Icon.png DeNada Elf Cabalist Coestar
Elmar Icon.png Elmar Squishwitz Elf Wizard Justin
Templeton Barringster Icon.png Templeton Barringster VII Elf Cabalist Roamin


Character Race Class
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Elf Cabalist
Greeky Icon.png Justin Goblin
The Whipser Snake of Emerald Lake The Whisper Snake of Emerald Lake Whisper Snake
Dave Icon.png Dave Elf Suncleric
Chimera Icon.png Chimera Kobold Sorcerer/Theurgist
Porbo Icon.png Porbo Porc Warrior
Porco Porco Porc

Battle Encounters[edit]

Plot Summary[edit]

Captain Ca-Rell is warned about a group of Porcs in a cave who are going to attack the town of Danevur, so Ca-Rell and the Theta Squad go to kill the Porcs. After several days of defending the town Templeton's younger brother Phineas wants to help the group, but when Templeton refuses, Phineas complains about how he doesn't ever get to go on any adventures and runs away. As Templeton chases after his brother, he comes across the rest of the crew at the town's bar. Elmar and DeNada can't be bothered to help fight the Porcs without a pay raise from Ca-Rell. The party learns from another elf that Phineas was seen fleeing towards a forest that Elmar had spawned a Fire Spirit in the day before, Elmar claiming that he was "cold".

At the forest they encounter the Fire Spirit being restrained by two Elves and their manager, and they decide to kill it. The spirit is released and begins to attack the party. DeNada is uncooperative, relaxing in a tent and sending Earthlords to retrieve beer and pissa, and knocking an Elf ally unconscious. The spirit starts to pose a significant challenge to the party after Elmar accidentally decapitates the second Elf, Mini Fire Spirits begin spawning continuously, and fire meteors pummel the party. During the fight Elmar receives a Winter Coat of Protection, and he and Ca-Rell deal a large amount of damage to the main Fire Spirit. DeNada begins to help attack the spirit, though knocking out the Elf manager in the process. At low stamina, Templeton takes cover behind a bridge across Emerald Lake and pushes a hiding Goblin into the water. The party barely survives as the Fire Spirit is defeated and the mini spirits flee.

DeNada's Earthlords return with the food, but disintegrate and spill it. Ca-Rell attempts to wake up the surviving Elf, but ends up slapping him in the balls. She assigns ranks to the others, and they proceed to the bridge, where they are met by the previous Goblin named Justin. Justin is promptly beaten up by the party, but the tables turn as he throws a smoke bomb and steals various items from them, escaping onto rocks on the lake. Elmar knocks out Justin in the water and retrieves most of their treasure, as the Whisper Snake arises from the lake. It whispers in Templeton's ear and controls his mind, forcing him to attack his teammates. The others then notice the snake's presence and eventually figure out its ability. Meanwhile, Ca-Rell finds a powerful weapon called Lieutenant Surge in the water. DeNada summons a dirty Frost Elemental he names Ice Lord to cool the manager Elf's balls, and the chilly Elmar also rests on his balls, but the manager is still too weak to aid in battle. Alhough the Whisper Snake controls other party members and begins to use Hydropump, it is ultimately forced to retreat beneath the lake. Immediately afterwards, five Goblin reinforcements arrive on the bridge, but are swiftly and relentlessly killed by the party.

The party meets up with Dave, the Suncleric serving under Gwyneth Sunsword, and other Spellblade Elves who are escorting a Kobold prisoner to the Silvermine Mountains. As Dave and the party finish their conversation, Chimera the prisoner breaks free of the carriage. Ca-Rell knows Chimera has a powerful array of abilities and is very strong. Ca-Rell and Elmar move up to him to fight, while DeNada and Templeton send in a line of Earthlords and Air Sprites from farther back. While attempting to flee, Chimera is able to wipe out all of the Spellblades and their reinforcements, but he is ultimately defeated by Dave and the party. Dave reveals that he saw a child that looked like Phineas run into the adjacent cave. Chimera is locked up again, and Dave and his company head along their path, as the party enter the cave.

Three Porcs are seen standing by a pool of purple vomit, which is used to create new Porcs. Ca-Rell attempts diplomacy and asks to meet with the Porc leader, Porbo, claiming to offer "tribute" in the form of treasure. They are led into the cave, and along the way, almost all the cave's Porcs follow along to see the tribute. They pass by a room containing Phineas, but are too busy devising a plan to take action. Upon reaching Porbo's lair, they party learns that "tribute" meant sacrificing themselves to Porbo. Ca-Rell manages to convince Porbo to a 5-on-5 battle to become leader of the Porcs. Porbo summons two Skelephelk and two spellcasters, and he mounts a Skelephelk. The Skelephelk are discovered to be immune to magic damage, and start ramming the party, destroying Ice Lord. They also pick up party members onto their backs, disabling their spells. DeNada casts Blanket of Darkness multiple times at the lair's entrance, breaking the terms of the battle and aggravating the Porcs, but the blankets do prevent reinforcements from arriving. Taking damage from the party, Porbo is enraged, grows in size, and starts eating Porcs to gain stamina. However, Porbo is knocked unconscious soon after, and the remaining Porcs become passive.

DeNada traps Porbo in his Bewitching Mirror, and the Porcs now treat Ca-Rell as their new leader. Phineas runs in, having killed multiple Porcs and Skelephelks, and asks to join Theta Squad. Templeton is upset and annoyed to be shown up by his little brother. Ca-Rell resigns from the squad to lead the Porcs and keep them from attacking Danevur, making Elmar the new captain and leaving a position open for Phineas. DeNada throws the Bewitching Mirror over his shoulder as Theta Squad leaves the cave, the consequence left unknown.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All characters listed above (except for Dave) are introduced, most notably Phineas Barringster and Chimera.
    • By association, the Barringster family is introduced.
  • The major races Porcs and Goblins are introduced.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Whisper Snake and Skelephelk.
  • The following magical creatures were introduced: Fire Spooky, Fire Spirit, Earthlord, Air Sprite, and Frost Elemental.
  • The town of Danevur, Emerald Lake, and the Danevur Porc Caves are established.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • Elven Sugar Cookies are introduced. It is established that Elven Sugar Cookies may trigger potent magical effects. (Effects seen)
  • The hierarchy of Porc society in the Danevur Porc Caves is established. (As first explained by Porbo and later showcased with Ca'Rell.)
  • Justin dies.

Notable Spoken Dialogue[edit]

  • According to an unnamed Porc, Porcs are created by putting a pig into the purple porc liquid. This would later become confirmed lore in Okagnoma Guild Hall.

Timeline Placement[edit]


  • An unnamed Porc at the entrance to the Porc Caves explains how Porcs are created. However, this would not be established as confirmed lore until Okagnoma Guild Hall.

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jun 5, 2015
Episode 1 Jun 7, 2015
Episode 2 Jun 7, 2015
Episode 3 Jun 8, 2015
Episode 4 Jun 8, 2015
Episode 5 Jun 9, 2015
Episode 6 Jun 9, 2015
Episode 7 Jun 10, 2015
Episode 8 Jun 10, 2015
Episode 9 Jun 11, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jun 11, 2015
Behind the Scenes Jun 12, 2015
Campaign Playlist

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Supporter Events[edit]

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  • This is the first campaign where all the players played as one race.
  • When DeNada threw the Bewitching Mirror behind him at the end of the campaign, he rolled a 20. What this means is unknown, however.