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* [[Trusty Neconni]]
* [[Trusty Neconni]]
* [[Khn'n-Rell]]
* [[Khn'n-Rell]]
* [[List_of_Minor_Characters#Bill_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_Steve_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_and_Rupert#|Margot (Margret)]]
* [[List_of_Minor_Characters#Bill_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_Steve_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C#|Bill (Margret, Margot)]]
* [[List_of_Minor_Characters#Bill_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_Steve_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_and_Rupert#|Steve (Bill, Margret)]]
* [[List_of_Minor_Characters#Bill_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C_Steve_.28Margret.2C_Margot.29.2C#|Steve (Margret, Margot)]]
* 2 Unnamed Porcs
* [[Unter]]
* [[Unter]]

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Prisoners of the Silvermine Mountains

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Members None
Former Members
Status Destroyed
First Appearance The Silvermine Mountains

The Prisoners of the Silvermine Mountains are a group of convicts captured by the Sunsword Family and their militarized force of Sun Cleric Elves. The are considered dangerous criminals and are housed in the Silvermine Mountains for various attacks against Elven Kind.


At an unknown point, the Sunsword Family started using the Silvermine Mountains to house dangerous criminals that have harmed Elven kind. They do this by either a show of force or by tricking their prey into giving up and entering willingly.

The Sunswords

At the end of the Sunswords campaign, the party completes their mission of transporting criminals to the mountain. But when Rebooc, Goggles, and Mormo spring into action and prevent Jakelad's Porc fighters from storming the prison, Gwyneth grants the group their freedom, except for Rebooc, who simply crawls back into the cart, wishing to enter the mountain, with the two Kobold children Unter and Gunter following him. During the battle however, Rufio stabs Gwyneth in the stomach, killing her unborn child. Kallark wishes to slay him, but Gwyneth talks him out of it and instead sees that he rot within the prison.

The New Crew

At the end of the New Crew campaign Merci convinces McCoy to surrender to Virgo Sunsword before things got any worse. Hearing that he will receive smaller portion sizes in prison, and that Goblins are executed rather than admitted, Cain tries to eat Marco, and Polo. However, they fall overboard before he has the chance, and the party is carted off the to the silvermine mountains. It is unknown if they were actually taken to the prison, or if the events of The Silvermine Mountains occurred before then.

The Silvermine Mountains

It is revealed that the mountain itself was build to contain an ancient beast known as The Ageless One. 1000 years ago Virgo led the charge to kill the beast, however it was too powerful. Instead he made an alliance with the highbears and other races to cast a spell to put it to sleep while they built a mountain around it. When consumed the beast's skin gives the eater immortality for a short period of time; to remain immortal, they must keep eating it, prompting them to build a prison and have the prisoners mine it for them for free.

Inside the mountain are prisoners, Unter, Gunter, Rufio (whose sanity has only slipped further during his stay), Rupert, Shaneil, Bill, Steve, along with new prisoners Margaret O'Malley, Trusty Neconni, Khn'n-Rell, and Rusty. There are also a number of other unnamed Kobolds, Dwarves and Porcs in the prison.

It is revealed that the prison is hilariously understaffed. Gwyneth fears that if Alpha squad stays, then any day now the Cult of Bones will break into the prison and free the beast, causing everyone she loves to die. But if they leave, then it is all but guaranteed that the beast will be released and people will die. Khn'n-Rell is a cult of bones member who has managed to break in and convince other prisoners to join his cause. Kallark is convinced by Carlos that he must break Unter and Gunter out in order to be truly happy. He releases the other prisoners as a distraction, accelerating Khn'n-Rell's plan. Khn'n-Rell succeeds in awakening The Ageless One, causing the entire mountain to collapse in on itself.

Notable Prisoners

Escaped Prisoners


Status Unknown


  • Elves do not put Goblins in the Silvermines, instead Elves simply kill Goblins. This is due to Elves viewing Goblins as lesser creatures.
    • However, the Silvermine Mountains did house Shaneil, a Gobolf. This may mean that Elves do view Gobolfs as people.
  • During this campaign Gwyneth mentions in passing that the elves took care of the kobold town of Karazzim. Meaning that Kobold Head Hunters takes place sometime before The Silvermine Mountains. This could be how Mormo shows up in the Prison despite being freed at the end of sunswords.