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==Notable Attributes==
==Notable Attributes==
==Powers & Abilities==
==Powers & Abilities==

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Pryor RadioactiveK.png
Race Goblin
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Monk
Gender Male
Affiliations His family
Status Alive
Portrayed By Deadbones
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat

Pryor is a male Greenskin Goblin Monk portrayed by Deadbones in The Many Gobos of Pat Campaign. He is the father of Madelyne and is known to drink. It is also known that he, due to his age, has a bad back.



Pryor is an elderly Greenskin Goblin, with a receding hairline, leaving a tuft of white or greying hair on the top of his head and a white beard that forms from muttonchops. He has thick, white eyebrows accenting his red, sunken eyes. He is fairly lanky in figure, but has a notable beer belly.

Pryor wears a white tank-top that is too small to cover his beer belly and purple shorts that stop just above his knees. He also wears light purple bandages around his forearms, likely for his role as a Monk. Interestingly, Pryor wears slippers styled after Kobolds, with one having an eyepatch.


Pryor is an alcoholic father who struggles to take care of his daughter Madelyne. He is somewhat violent, but not exceptionally. He is a sensible man most of the time and is very much an adult. He also really cares about his daughter, although he doesn't always know how to deal with her.



She is the daughter of Pryor that he loves very much. Upon her mother's death, Pryor fell in a crippling depression and drank his problems away. This causes him to occasionally have a breakdown, explaining his grief to Madelyne. Madelyne usually responds with awkwardness but sometimes shares her father's sadness. Pryor and Madelyne became homeless sometime after her mother's death and Pryor had to steal stuff to support his daughter.

Unnamed Wife

Pryor had a wife who he cared for that died sometime in the past. After her death, Pryor broke his vows as a monk in deep grief and began drinking, completely destroying his life.

Pattenborrow Threecircle

Sometime after Pryor's wife died and Pryor's remaining family became homeless, Pattenborrow adopted Pryor's family to give them housing and support. Pryor thinks of Pat to be a brother.

Notable Attributes


Powers & Abilities


Monk Abilities







Pryor was married to a Goblin woman and had a single daughter, Madelyne. At some point, his wife died of unknown causes, leading Pryor to become a drunk, often at odds with his daughter. Eventually they were taken in by Pattenborrow Threecircle with several other homeless goblins. Pryor likes Pat like a brother and acted like a distant uncle to the other goblins.

The Many Gobos of Pat



  • Pryor keeps with Deadbones' naming scheme of Marvel characters, refrencing Madelyne Pryor. [1]
  • Pryor cameoed in The Sunswords campaign, as a transformation of the Meta Ytts.
  • Pryor is the only Monk to not have a Nimbus, as he was made in the time after nimbus was an ability and before it was a passive.