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==Powers & Abilities==
==Powers & Abilities==
shape shifting
* Shape Shifting
==Seekers of Knowledge==
==Seekers of Knowledge==

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Quintara Lotus
Quintara Lotus Mural.png
RaceDragon Aspect
AffiliationDragon Aspects



Quintara Lotus is the Dragon Aspect of Arcane Magic. She is one of the offspring of the original Dragon Aspects of Light, Phanto and Kallisto, and lives at the top of The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. There she challenges magic users to climb to the top through the trap and puzzle-filled floors to reach her and have a wish granted.



Quintara Lotus was one of the several Dragon Aspects of Light that where the offspring of Phanto and Kallisto. However, after the Birth of Magic, Quintara's alignment altered to be that of Arcane Magic.

At an unknown point in time, Quintara Lotus gave Vlaurunga the Legendary Sword Sursurflame and created the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. It was revealed in Azveltara Z that lyn Azveltara became a personal student of Quintara Lotus where she taught her many magical abilities.

The Sandbolds

Powers & Abilities

  • Shape Shifting

Seekers of Knowledge

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