Quintara Lotus

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Quintara Lotus

Quintara Lotus Mural.png
Race Dragon Aspect
Gender Female
Affiliations Unknown
Equipment None


Status Alive
First Appearance [[]]

Quintara Lotus is the Dragon Aspect of Arcane Magic. Followers of Quintara Lotus gain the Seeker of Knowledge attribute. Quintara Lotus lives at the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, guarded by the many trap or puzzle-filled floors below.



Powers & Abilities




  • While Quintara Lotus resides at the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry in URealms Live, in the original Unforgotten Realms cartoon, Abraham Lincoln lived at the top of the tower, as he was the most powerful sorcerer of all time.
  • In Template:Den of Devils it is stated by Nisovin that Quintra Lotus created Susurflame as a gift to Valrunga.