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A race within Unforgotten Realms Live is the species of a character that determines to some extent their appearance and personality.


Races have not always existed in their current form. During the Nuren Campaign players were allowed to choose any race, but were instructed to behave as if they were a Dwarf. Roamin's Band of Thieves introduced the first race cards, for Dwarves and Gnomes. Since then some new playable races have appeared.

Playable Races

These are races that have been available at character creation to play as in an official campaign. Each player race includes at least two sub-races, which further define a character's traits. A player's main race and sub-race each provide a specified amount of base stamina, as well as a unique ability.

Playable Races of the Unforgotten Realms
Main Race Sub-races Description
Dwarf Tall, Hill, Dvergr Dvergr Dwarves are a race of short, mountain dwelling, human-like beings with very long lifespans.
Elf Noble Born, Spellblade, Dwelf, Gobolf Elves are much taller than Dwarves or Gnomes and possess an impressive affinity for magic.
Gnome Keen, Okagnoma, Scarred Gnomes are a race of beings shorter than Dwarves. They are very proficient with the usage of technology and other forms of treasure items.
Goblin Hobgoblin, Greenskin, Gobolf Goblins are small creatures, hated by Elves more than any other race. They are considered the "scum of the earth". They also possess the ability to protect themselves from mind control.
Kobold Triton Ground, Seaswagger, Stonequisitor Kobolds are short, furry creatures that live in caves. They primarily eat gems and crystals of low quality. They are also known for their dislike of Dwarves, and are known to lie on a normal basis.
Porc Black Boar, Gravehoof, Bone Tusk Porcs are Orc-like creatures that share physical similarities to pigs. They are born from purple goop that Porcs also use to digest their food. They don't normally discriminate between other races, but rather see all races as types of Porc, and usually use power to set one another apart. Most Porcs are also not that intelligent.

Creature Races

These are races that only NPCs have existed as. Some creature races may be made into playable races in the future.

Creature Races of the Unforgotten Realms
Race Description
Ageless One A diety The Cult Of Bones worships. It was awakened from its slumber in the Silvermine Mountains in The Silvermine Mountains campaign. Its scales give people an extended lifespan when consumed.
Beetle Beetles are collected in bags, a delicacy of Gnomes.
Bennu The Bennu are an ancient race of technologically advanced people, who may or may not be extinct. Some of their remains can be found in the Zarlin Catacombs.
Black Wolf Black Wolves are pack hunters which are immune to damage when in direct moonlight. They first appeared in The Blood Snake Queen.
Blood Cobra Little is known about Blood Cobras, which first appeared alongside the Blood Snake Queen in The Blood Snake Queen.
Blood Snake Blood Snakes are carnivorous reptiles constantly covered in blood, commonly found in forests. First seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves.
Clockodile Not much is known about Clockodiles. They were first seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves when Squinks's disguise fails and randomly turns him into one. All that is known about them is that they appear to be crocodiles that have clocks on their faces.
Cow Frog Cow Frogs are huge female creatures that primarily feed off Goblins. While inside a Cow Frog, characters do double damage. They first appeared in Kobold Headhunters.
Donkey A Donkey named Don appeared in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Flesh Monstrosity Artificial creatures created with the bodies of people by Flesh Weavers, first seen in The Death of Virgo.
Eaglebear Eaglebears are eagle-bear hybrids that are capable of flight, and are known to be fond of Fish Yogurt . First seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves.
Elaphelk Elaphelks are large mountable mammals that are a cross between an elephant and an elk. First seen in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Elemech Elementals with Robotic Bodies. First seen in The Zarlin Catacombs.
Elemental Elementals are magical creatures composed of different elemental substances. These forms include the Frost Elemental, Air Sprite, Fire Spirit, and Earthlord. Theurgists have the ability to summon them to aid in combat.
Flame Spooky A Flame Spooky is a huge creature made of pure fire that emits from a central point. Its body is a big cloud of flames, though its head is made of a slightly stronger material. First seen in The Sunswords.
Frog Frogs can be put on a stick and put into the ground to allow allies to regain stamina.
Funk Funks are a creatures that resemble a cross between a fox and a skunk, that can spray a solution that smells nice. They cause hallucinations to those they spray. First seen in The Sunswords.
Gemling Gemlings are small crystalline creatures found in caves. They are very weak but can be trouble in large numbers. First seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves.
Glamourshark Glamoursharks are glamorous shark-like creatures that live in The Drink. They seem to like Fish Yogurt. First seen in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.
Groundbold Groundbolds seem to be very large special siblings to Kobolds. They are neutral unless bribed otherwise, and are not easily affected by any attack. First seen in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Harpy Harpies are humanoid creatures with wings. They like Fish Yogurt. Harpies fly across The Drink to ransack pirate ships. First seen in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.
Hat Rat Hat Rats are rats that appear to be wearing Magician hats. Much like Magicians, Hat Rats are able to cast randomly selected spells. First seen in The Unseen Rogues.
High Bear High Bears were mentioned by Captain Merci in The New Crew campaign. Gwyneth Sunsword said a few know a bit of information about The Ageless One.
Ladybug A Ladybug was enlarged in The Blood Snake Queen Side Quest.
Leech Leeches are small, harming creatures, that are often trapped in jars to be used as a weapon. They permanently lower whoever they attacks health by 1 each time they deal damage.
Mammothboar A Mammothboar was mentioned by Noxel's Squire, and this Mammothboar was fought by Noxel and it was showcased in Berserker Monthly.
Medusa Medusa are large creatures with snakes for hair that have the ability to mind control other beings to fight for them. First seen in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Monkey Fish Monkey Fish are amphibious fish-monkey hybrids capable of speech. First seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves.
Mushroom Trent Mushroom Trents are large mushroom-like creatures with the ability to produce smaller mushrooms to attack and regenerate its body. They speak their own Mushroom Language. First seen in Kobold Headhunters.
Nimbus Nimbi are sentient clouds that can be summoned by Monk-class characters to defend them. Once per turn, they can intervene in combat by moving an enemy one space.
Parrot Parrots seem to be able to not only mimic speech, but create their own sentences. They can also apparently live inside another creature's mouth for extended periods of time, but they do not like it. First seen in The New Crew.
Pig Pigs are creatures that are related to Porcs.
Pot Puppies Pot Puppies are planted as seeds that sprout into puppies. First seen in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.
Ramster Ramsters are giant hamsters with tusks that are carnivorous and have been known to eat wolves. First seen in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Rat Rats appear in The Many Gobos of Pat during Madelyne's grievance at the loss of her pet wolf Scott.
Raven Ravens are the main source of distance communication, first mentioned by Gwyneth Sunsword in The Silvermine Mountains.
Scorpion Scorpions where mentioned by Patrick Cake, who cautioned his team to watch out for Scorpions in the desert, in Guild of Explorers.
Scrooge Scrooges are Ducks that first appear as a gang in Kobold Headhunters. They steal treasure and can shoot a specific spell out of their bill.
Shellmind Creatures that live deep underwater and produce an item called the Water Candle.
Skelephelk Undead skeletal Elaphelks first seen in Porc Hunters, under the control of the Porc leader, Porbo. They possess the innate ability to negate magic used against them, as well as the spells of those who sit on their back.
Spider Spiders where mentioned as pets by Shaneil in The Silvermine Mountains.
Sun Hound Sun Hounds are canines capable of sun magic, commonly used as pets for Elves. First seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves.
Stone Guardian Stone Guardians are enormous stone statues that protect the temple of the Dingo Isles.
Stone Tail Wolves that have the ability to root themselves into the ground and control the plant life around them. First seen in Kobold Headhunters.
Swammie A magic fish that has oils which cause hallucinations. Rancid Swammies make the magic abilities of those who consume them unstable.
Whisper Snake Whisper Snakes are large aquatic snakes that can mind control people for a short time, first appearing in Porc Hunters.
White Wolf White Wolves are pack hunters which are immune to damage while in direct sunlight. They first appeared in The Blood Snake Queen.
Wolf Wolves are fierce beasts, first appearing in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Ytt First seen in the Sunswords, Ytts are able to transform into any character that hits them, and Meta Ytts can change into random characters from any campaign.