Reesi Gandolin

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Reesi Gandolin

Reesi Gandolin TUW1 Puppet.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Magician
Gender Female
Alias TnA
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
"I think we should make a leap. It's not that big. It looks like there's one tricky jump, the rest of them are fine!"
— Reesi Gandolin, just before her death.

Reesi Gandolin is a Dwelf Magician played by Rob in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One. Reesi was one of the last surviving members of the Gandolin Dwelf family, the special effects creator of the band known as Brothers Flannigan and one of five former classmates who went to climb the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. Reesi perished on the second floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.





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All belongings she carried were burnt to a crisp in the Lava floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.






Reesi Gandolin was one of the few remaining members of the Dwelf family of Gandolin, having survive the massive massacre by the Dwarves. At some point she left to join college and met with her future band known as the Brothers Flannigan. There she became the special effects creator of the group and assisted them on several shows. She even dated one member, Joaquim Flannigan, for a time, and had a small one time fling with the other member Buford Flannigan.

After some time, she was invited along with the rest of the band to join their former classmates Trandon Barringster and Rhedmun Kriel to take on the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. She wanted to climb the tower and ask Quintara Lotus to teach her a magic spell.

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One

The group met up at the gate to the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, waiting on Reesi Gandolin to join up with them. Eventually Reesi joins up with them, causing some slight shock to Joaquim, who did not know she was coming.

After some talking about why they wanted to climb the tower, they begin their adventure into the Tower. They enter the lobby and met with a sales man known as J.J. who tries to dissuade the group from climbing the Tower, but with success. J.J. then gives each of the group an enchanted item that shows a single hidden trap on a single floor. However, Trandon attempts to steal some of the decorative items, causing a ruckus as Trandon tries to get Rhedmun Kriel to steal after them. However after finding the items to be completely useless, the begin to ascend to the first floor.

They appear in the first floor, a stone room that has a single pedestal with a red button in the center and spiked aligned with the walls. Once Trandon and Buford press the button and the walls begin to slowly move. However, Buford begins to panic and hits the button five more times, causing the walls to speed up slightly. Rhed inspected the pedestal, and discovers the secret to the puzzle, however no one listens to him and the rest of the group continued to use brute force. Rhed manages to solve the puzzle by forcing the walls to speed up and immediately retract. The group now climbs to the second floor.

Coming into the second floor, the group are met with a room filled with lava and a few rocks. J.J. then tells the group via telepathy that the room cancels out magic and their goal is to reach the other side of the room to reach the portal. After some heavy discussion, J.J. tells the group that he will allow a spell as they seem to be having trouble. The group misinterprets this as multiple spells and Buford teleports himself out of the floor. Reesi, Trandon and Rhedmun realize that they once again cannot cast spells. Reesi attempts to take a leap to another rock, only to fall into lava and get burnt to death.


Reesi's failed jump caused her and her belongings to be burnt to death in lava. Her legacy lived on in the form of Trandon and Rhed's lie about her death of being eaten by a dragon and a Pot Puppy belonging to Buford was named after her.


  • Reesi's character was created collaboratively by the Players during Character Creation as a back-up in case any of them died.
    • Ironically, she was the first to perish.
  • Despite her being Sigil of Flame, which grants her immunity to fire and fire magic, Reesi still managed to perish in lava.
  • Curiously, in the same room that Reesi died in, Trandon would find a Dragon Egg.