Rick Snot

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Rick Snot

Rick Snot RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Alias Rim Shot, Ross
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance The New Crew
— Rick Snot

Rick Snot is a Spellblade Elf Wizard played by Coestar in The New Crew. He is referred to as a "dungeoneer extraordinaire" and "Accidental Captain of the Bocoe".



Rick Snot TNC Puppet.png

Rick Snot is a male Elf with a thin figure and dark blond hair. Rick wears a white button up dress shirt, with blue pants pulled up over his stomach. He has black knee high boots, as well as a blue cape. He carries a large backpack, full of his URealms equipment for impromptu games while traveling. During his time on the Bocoe, he acquired a wizard hat adorned with stars, similar to Nisovin's.


Despite his age, Rick has a very child-like demeanor, often having the crew members of the Bocoe mistake him for much younger than he is. Rick is a very knowledgeable elf, knowing various magic spells and enemy information, but had little to no combat experience prior to joining the Bocoe. Rick is a URealms game master, and is able to easily introduce the game to others who have never played.



Not much is known about Rick and Nisovin's relationship. Captain Merci explains that Rick is Nisovin's apprentice, and Nisovin has sent him out to get combat experience with the crew.

Captain Merci

Rick is left in the care of Captain Merci. Merci is very protective of Rick, making sure the crew is aware that he is to be kept safe and alive. Rick's first combat kill is witnessed by Merci, and Merci is quick to congratulate and commend him for it. After Merci and McCoy are captured by the Sunswords, Rick takes over the Merci's captaining duties.

Young Ladyir

Because of the numerous similarities between the two elves, Rick and Ladyir form a friendship while on the Bocoe. They share different spell casting information, despite neither having had any experience with said spells.


Because of Rick's small size, Cain attempts to eat him throughout their voyage. Cain participates in Rick's Urealms game while on the ship, not fully understanding the concept of the game and thinking it is real. At the conclusion of the game, in celebration of winning, Cain bites off Rick's entire arm, which is later mended by Merci.

Powers and Abilities


Wizard Abilities

Theurgist Abilities





  • Wizard's Cap: By saying "Ahem", Rick can interrupt any decision by Rob when an NPC targets. This causes Rob to have to alter the NPC's course of action until Rick accepts it. Also, Rick cannot lose more than 2 stamina when he is attacked.




Rick Snot at an unknown point in time became the apprentice of Nisovin, who was tasked with going with a group of pirates to retrieve a key from the Sunswords' family.

The New Crew

Rick is kept under a protective eye of Captain Merci throughout their voyage to Laeyuleaugh. Soon after setting off, Rick is knocked out by a panicking Cain, trying to dislodge himself while stuck in a doorframe on the ship. Thinking he is a magician, Merci suggests he puts on a magic show for the crew later that night. This show ends up being a URealms Campaign, in which Rick is the game master, and Maelstrom, Cain, Marco, Polo, Jo Krysstal and Young Ladyir as players. The game ends, and Rick loses his arm during Cain's victory celebration. Upon arrival at Laeyuleaugh, Rick accompanies the crew onto shore and joins in the attack of the town. During his first ever battle, he successfully kills and knocks out multiple men, much to Merci's surprise. He successfully helps the crew raid the main building, and escapes the island without Merci. The ship is attacked on the way back to port, and Rick hides below deck under the orders of McCoy. The entire crew is either captured or knocked out, leaving Rick the lone person on the ship.


Rick Snot was left afloat on the Bocoe, without the proper knowledge of how to drive or maintain the massively destroyed vessel.


  • The name, Rick Snot, is an anagram of No Tricks.