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This article is about the player, if you are looking for the mentioned character, see: Roamin the Paladin, if you are looking for the Coe's Quest character see: Roamin (Coe's Quest)
AffiliationBuffalo Wizards

Roamin a regular player of the URealms Live streams. He has been a part of the URealms community and show since the very beginning and is long time personal friend of Rob. Roamins puppet avatar is an adaptation of a character from the original Unforgotten Realms named after him. Roamin the Paladin was an inside joke between Rob and Roamin from back when they played Dark Age of Camelot. Roamin playing a Paladin and got himself lost in a new player dungeon for over 20 minutes which is why the character of Roamin the Paladin is often portrayed as a bumbling idiot.


Season One
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Yumi Templeton Barringster First Mate McCoy Terrence
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Warren Xavius Darius Chase
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Margaret O'Malley
Season Two
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Michael Langstrom
Side Quests
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Patrick Cake Lance Briggs SK Malone Nathaniel Granger


  • Roamin has been a friend of Rob's for a long time, and he taken part in many of Rob's earlier projects and series such as Roleplay and Two Player.
  • Roamin is notable for having extremely bad rolls, which he blames on utilizing all of his luck when he and Rob played Keiba Eight Special.
  • Roamin's last roll of the first season was rolling a 1, killing the character he rolled for.