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Player ProfileRob
Real NameRobert Moran
RoleMain Host
FirstBand of Thieves
SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three Season Four Coe's Quest
"Welcome to URealms Live!"
— Robert Moran
"The guy writing these things."
— Rob's ending credit for Season 2.
"I'm a massive faggot."
— Rob when he puts on makeup and fantasizes about being a woman on his twitch.

Robert Moran is the creator of the URealms Live concept, and the Game Master of the official URealms Live streams. He has worked on other projects such as the original Unforgotten Realms web series, Lords of Minecraft, and Dwarves Vs. Zombies. Other aliases he has gone by include Rurikar, Witty Wizard, Bruce Willakers, and Old Man Willakers.

In October 2019, Rob had a mental breakdown due to his extreme social retardation. This caused him to private every single Urealms campaign on his YouTube channel despite several years of people working and contributing money to the project, nowadays if you suggest that it may be slightly selfish to waste thousands of dollars and hours of people's time so that you can pursue a project that has no chance of succeeding and not even allow them to actually view the stuff they paid for, he'll have an autistic breakdown and suggest that a goofy youtube series that only promotes positive emotions such as comradery and companionship is the most prevalent cause of his deterioating mental state whilst ignoring that his depression and anxiety most likely stems from his issues surrounding his sexuality and an egotistical viewpoint that the show must primarily revolve around himself and no one else.

These days Rob has abandoned all his friends and is streaming (sometimes) on his mostly dead twitch channel to the absolute indifference of everyone. Most who are actually still around (which is like, 10 people at this point) are wondering when Rob will abandon this project as well and make it the 3rd community that he has ruined due to his own personal problems (the first being Mach Entertainment, the second UrealmsLive).


Season One/Two
RobGamePiece.png Jameson Blant Icon.png Vanessa Squishwitz Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Icon.png
Game Master
Jameson Blant Vanessa Squishwitz Virgo Sunsword

Past Projects[edit]

Rob has worked on many other projects in the past such as:

  • The Unforgotten Realms Web Series
  • Splash Attack
  • World of Warcraft Machinima
  • 2Player: A Let's Play channel with Roamin
  • Pokémon Streams: (Archived on PKMNRob)
  • Dwarves VS. Zombies: A Minecraft PVP mini game
  • Lords of Minecraft: A Minecraft roleplaying server

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