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Rufio RadioactiveK.png
Race Cultist, Formerly Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Sorcerer
Gender Male
Relatives None
Alias None
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance Sunswords
— Rufio

Rufio was one of Gwyneth Sunsword's party members taking some prisoners to the Silver Mine Mountains prison in Sunswords. He betrayed the party and was sent to prison along with other prisoners.



Rufio was a Spellblade Elf with white hair, a thin figure and blue eyes. He wore the standard Sunswords uniform: a v-neck unitard with a small cap attached. After his incarceration to the Silvermine Mountains, he became ill-kept and malnourished. He began wearing a grey robe that was torn and stitched together, black sandles, white wraps around his ankles and an odd amulet around his neck.

After his conversion to becoming a Cultist of Bones, he obtained the ability to become an animated skeleton, with the ability to return to his false Elf appearance.


Rufio loves Dave's fan fiction books and always upvotes them on the Magic Forums and has even retweeted two of them. Rufio was madly in love with Gwyneth up until Dave, using the Leader's Heartoak Staff, stripped him of his love for her, although he eventually relapsed while in jail.

Powers and Abilities


Sorcerer Abilities



The Sunswords

Rufio was one of the Elves Gwyneth Sunsword chose to escort prisoners to the Silver Mine Mountains, along with several of Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends and her current one. Through out the mission, Rufio wished to be Gwyneth's new lover, even going so far as to ask his friend Dave to write a story about him in that position, but Gwyneth sought no interest in this, nor did she really notice.

Rufio's obsession grew worse when it was revealed that Gwyneth was pregnant from Kallark. Eventually, under the stress of the invasion of several Porcs, Rufio finally snapped. He walked behind the distracted Gwyneth and stabbed her in her stomach, killing the baby. Kallark threatened to kill Rufio, but Gwyneth suggested to leave him to rot in the prison for the rest of his life. Dave, while agreeing, wanted to ease his suffering. Dave utilized his special staff to break any love Rufio had for Gwyneth, snapping him from insanity to depression, and leaving him in the prison.

The Silvermine Mountains

Khn'n-Rell is given a bunk in Rufio's cell. It is revealed that in his time within the mountain his insanity has only worsened and he is routinely beaten by the guards. This is to the point where he is hesitant to go to the cafeteria, instead preferring to spend that time with his "Teddy Bear" and "Girlfriend" who in actuality is a Rancid Swammie. He becomes the "Special Friend" of Khn'n-Rell and is eventually invited to his special friend meeting. At this meeting Khn'n reveals his plan to awaken The Ageless One and have them all become skeletal members of The Cult of Bones. Rufio joyfully accepts this proposal, believing he can then feel no pain and only happiness, and most importantly be reunited with Gwyneth. However when Khn'n tells him he can have however many wives he wants when he's in the cult, Rufio becomes irate and begins screaming that he only wants Gwyneth.

When the Prisoners are freed by Kallark, Rufio joins Khn'n and the rest of his party, where they confront DeNada and Chilly Wizzy. Rufio tries to help, but instead blinds himself for the entire battle.


Rufio became a full fledged member of the Cult of Bones, and is also transformed into one of the Ancient Skeletal beings. He is currently buried under the remains of the Silvermine Mountains. It was said by Rob that the Cultists would escape by digging their way out when the area was evacuated.


  • Rufio's insanity was triggered by a mysterious Supporter Event named The Painful Twist. Chat did not know its effect, but was told they would not activate it if they did know what it was. This event made Rufio go insane and stab Gwyneth in the stomach. This was done in an attempt to cause a paradox as Gwyneth's death would cause a paradox making the entire campaign a fan fiction written by Dave. Fortunately, Gwyneth lived, placing the campaign where it should be.
  • Although Dave had tried to remove Rufio's feelings for Gwyneth in The Sunswords, in The Silvermine Mountains campaign all he wants to do is be with her. It is not known if Dave breaking his staff or the torture he endured in the Silvermine Mountains caused him to relapse.