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== Notable Sandbolds ==
== Notable Sandbolds ==
* [[McCarrot Smith]]
* [[McCarrot Smith]]
* Talee
* [[Talee]]
* [[Varik]]
* [[Tien]]
==See Also==
==See Also==

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This article is about the Race. For the Season 3 Campaign, see The Sandbolds.

I OBJECT The following page contains information that is Tentative Canon, take everything with a grain of salt! But wait!


Maelstrom TNC Puppet.png
Race Sandbolds
Affiliations Kobolds, Sun Dragon God Phanto, Beenu
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The New Crew

Sandbolds are an ancient species that first appeared in The Skeleton King. The Sandbolds are said to have been created in tandem with the Elves by the Sun Dragon God Phanto and existed since before the Birth of Magic. They where created with the goal of researching time anomalies and reporting back to Phanto, according to Tien. However, with the death of Phanto, the Sandbolds continued their duty, in the hopes that their god will awake.


Sandbolds are bipedal beings with snouts, long canine-like ears, canine-like noses and small, beady eyes. Their body is covered in sandstone that has the appearance of fur, not unlike that of Kobolds. Their genetic make-up is rather similar to that of Kobolds, appearing nearly identical to them, aside from their pale, sandy color tone to their fur-like rock.

They have a notable set of abilities that are unique to them and share similarities to that of Elves. They share a longevity much like that of Elves when they consume dragon silver. However, the Sandbolds have not yet been seen consuming any Dragon Silver, so it is currently unknown how long they live. They also have a natural immunity to time alteration magic: Allowing them to continue to move while time has stopped. To help with their duty to research time anomalies, Sandbolds have an ability to detect where and when a time anomaly will occur.


According to a member of the Sandbold Organization, Tien, the Sandbolds were created by the Sun Dragon God Phanto before the Birth of Magic. The first known Sandbold is referred to as the "Mother of Sandbolds," by Tien and Maelstrom, whom further populated them. The Sandbolds where created with the purpose of being the Eyes of Phanto, monitoring the Realms, specifically time, and report back their findings to Phanto.

However, once the death of Phanto and subsequent Birth of Magic happened, the Sandbolds were left without a master. They continued their duties but were also trying to find ways of reviving Phanto. Eventually, however, they found they were unable to reproduce, leading the Sandbolds to begin dying out. They altered their methods and began recruiting and enslaving other Kobolds to become future Sandbolds for their goals.

At somepoint, the Sandbolds recruited Maelstrom, who ended up betraying the Sandbolds and killing the "Mother" for their corruption. This corruption seemed to continue as when Danzen, Yohan, and Ralph where recruited, the Sandbolds regularly stole from the victims suffering from time anomalies, physically abused their subordinates and were open to bribery from Elven politicians. Eventually Maelstrom returned to the Final Talon to confront the Sandbolds once more. He revealed he was serving the true gods, the Old Gods, who sentence them to die. The Sandbolds fought against the single Kobold, but the Old Gods answered Maelstrom, transforming him into the first step to becoming a Sun Dragon God, by turning him into a Whelpling.

The now Divine Maelstrom began to slaughter the Sandbolds. It is currently unknown if any Sandbolds survived, or if the species is now extinct.

Notable Sandbolds

See Also


  • Sandbolds experience teleportation very differently than other beings. Due to their immunity to time alteration, Sandbolds are, instead, instantly transported to the location far ahead of anyone else and must then exist there alone for a variable amount of years in limbo until the other finally arrived.
    • This was seen when Quintara Lotus teleported Sandbold McCarrot Smith and his Kobold compatriots to a remote island. While the Kobolds where only there for a few moments before Quintara brought them back, McCarrot experienced several hundred years alone on the island, nearly going insane.