Sergio Fabioso

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Sergio Fabioso

Sergio Fabioso RadioactiveK.gif
Race Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Rouge
Gender Male
Affiliations Paladin Order
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs
— Sergio Fabioso

Sergio Fabioso is a Okagnoma Rouge played by Justin for The Zarlin Catacombs campaign.



Sergio is a male Okagnoma Gnome with green eyes and suave black hair and beard. He wears a silky green suit with black buttons, grey boots and a green neck tie. He often has a single red rose in his mouth seductively and carries around a black whip and a pink handle.

During his temporary transformation into a woman, Sergio became a female Noble Born Elf with long flowing black hair and green eyes. She continues to wear the silky green suit with black buttons but is more form fitting than before. She wears a pair of gray heeled boots and a green neck tie. She also continues to carry the red rose in her mouth with the same seductiveness, but forgos the pink and black whip for a Dragonskin Bow.


Sergio is very opportunistic and sexual in nature. Willing to take any opening to explore new sexual partners and will particularly prey on those unknowing. He has shown this nature even more so after his transformation into a woman, utilizing Morgana Marie's confusion to convince him to become her new concubine after exploring their new bodies.


Fantastico Fabioso

Entering the catacombs, Fantastico always referred to Sergio as "Master", and they would always engage in sexual acts. During the first combat encounter however, The "Mind Fist" event was activated thanks to chat. Sergio and Fastistico then invented a sexual event known as "Mind Fisting". They then soon offered this "new adventure" to most of the party, and later, the Bearserker and the Elemech. After the group of adventurers traveled deeper into the catacombs, Sergio asked Fantastico for his opinion on either going into the big room with the 3 colored Elemechs, or the other room, back at the beginning of the catacombs. This caused Fantastico to break out of his Concubine-ship. During the rest of the campaign, they were at odds with each other.

No-Eye Bromas

Sergio and Bromas, for most of the adventure, had a neutral relationship.

Powers & Abilities







  • Rotten Apple







The Zarlin Catacombs



  • Sergio is the first character to have ended their campaign with a negative amount of gold.
  • Due to Soothe Spirits, Sergio has the inability to feel fear.