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Race Mushroom Trent
Hostile Yes
Affiliations None
Abilities Mist, Polymorph, Smash, Inhale, Separating/Reforming
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Mushroom Language
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters

Mushroom Trents are large mushroom-like creatures that first appeared in the Kobold Headhunters campaign.


A Mushroom Trent takes on the appearance of a giant mushroom, with a face on the 'stem' of the mushroom, with two eyes and a mouth. It also has one long, large arm that extends from the stem, which it can move freely to pick up or strike targets on the ground. The appearance of its lower half is unknown, but it is able to move, so it is known that it is not rooted to one spot.

Mushroom Trents talk in a 'Mushroom Language.' To other races, this sounds like gibberish, although the tone of what they are saying does seem to translate, as the Kobolds in Kobold Headhunters were able to understand that it was mocking them. The Mushroom Trent in Kobold Headhunters liked to taunt its opponents, insulting them in this mushroom language and laughing at them.


  • Mist
The Mushroom Trent expels a mist that covers a massive area, making it effectively inescapable for its enemies. The mist causes characters that roll multiple dice to automatically take the lowest die roll.
  • Polymorph
The Mushroom Trent polymorphs its target, turning them into a smaller version of the Trent. Polymorphed characters will also speak in the Trent's Mushroom Language. At the start of their turn, the target transforms back into themselves, but spawns 3 small versions of the Trent in adjacent spaces. These clones will heal the Trent if destroyed, or can be used to reform the Trent.
  • Smash
The Mushroom Trent slams its hand into the ground, dealing 12 damage to all targets inside a 3x3 area.
  • Inhale
The Mushroom Trent inhales deeply, dealing 5 damage to all targets inside its mist. This ability doesn't require a dice to be rolled.
  • Separating/Reforming
When the Mushroom Trent reaches half of its maximum stamina, it will break apart into many smaller clones of itself. These clones appear to have some form of collective consciousness, and can group back together to reform the Trent, although it will be smaller and have less stamina. If too many of the clones are destroyed before it can reform, however, they will stay separate.


Kobold Headhunters

Shortly after defeating the flock of Scrooges and cooking the body of Noxel's Squire, a Mushroom Trent came out of the forest and attacked the party. It showed to be formidable enemy, but by using Burrito to distract it, and figuring out the power of its mist on the Kobolds, they were able to defeat it.

Wood Carvers

Notable Examples


  • The Mushroom Trent is the first character to have demonstrated an ability which did not require a die to be rolled.
  • The Mushroom Trent that appeared in Kobold Headhunters was intended to appear in the same encounter as the Scrooges. However, Rob delayed it and had a break between the two because he "needed to pee."